Vision Zero fails to make streets in Queens neighborhood safer

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QUEENS (PIX11) -- We hear about the speed cameras, we hear about the "slow zone," we hear about the speed bumps that get added. We hear about this "Vision Zero."

At this intersection, there are seven lanes to cross before the countdown timers finish. For many, it's not enough time.

New Yorkers from all over the city are asking officials to look into this. And they are -- trying to get it all on a map.

"Well this is an intersection where many people have died within the last year," one young father said. "My problem in particular with this intersection is that there's a right turn signal here ... cars are blowing through this right turn when they're supposed to be going slow."

The City is trying to track this information. As of July 31st, this Vision Zero map has logged places that need attention based on local submissions.

Brooklyn has many dots, and areas that need attention around downtown and Prospect Park. Not as many around Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights.


  • Mitch P

    The man being interviewed did NOT say, “Well this is an intersection where many people have died within the last year.” He did not say “many”.

  • J C

    You think that intersection of Queens Blvd is bad!? Try crossing 51st Ave and Queens Blvd and see how far you get with one light change! It is far shorter than that light in the story and FAR longer to cross than that intersection. You barely get 30secs to cross nearly 300ft of street before the light goes green. Numerous complaints on the city’s Vision Zero app and to the Borough Commissioner about this intersection, with ZERO being done. So yeah, Vision Zero is a success if the goal is zero things being fixed or changed.

  • Robert Stillman

    The awesome thing about Queens is people are trying to make things better. Yes, this particular intersection might still be fraught with problems, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who care enough to change the situation. These same people run great shops, restaurants, and businesses to continue supporting a good life in Queens. If you are someone looking for apartments for rent in queens no fee, then make sure to learn more about LeFrak City. It has nice apartments with access to tennis courts, a pool and exercise room. Additionally, on site there are dining and shopping options, which are nice and convenient. This says nothing of the close proximity to Flushing Meadows Park, Citi Field, Rego Park Center and Queens Center Mall. The LeFrak offers a great quality of life in a great location.

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