Teen mob attacks three in knockout game outside Memphis Kroger in mess of ‘blood and pumpkins’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (PIX11) — A marauding mob of more than 100 teenagers set upon three unsuspecting people outside a Memphis supermarket in a terrifying version of the “knockout game,” leaving a mess of “blood and pumpkins” in their wake.

The attacks, which targeted a 25-year-old man and two teenagers, were captured on video by a store employee, according to WREG.

A 25-year-old man was first attacked by the group before two Kroger employees, 17 and 18, tried to help him. The teenage employees fell victim to the rowdy group instead.

Both employees were then hit on the head and face. Pumpkins “in excess of 20 pounds” were also thrown on their heads as they lay on the ground, the teens reportedly told police.

“They followed hitting him with a pumpkin. He was already unconscious, so all you could see was blood and pumpkins,” a witness who is a friend of one of the victims told WREG.

The attacks caused the teens to lose consciousness. They were taken to the hospital and released to their parents.

“They were playing a game called ‘point them out, knock them out.’ Where they would point someone out and attempt to knock them out or fight them. There was no real reason behind it,” a witness told WREG.

Investigators are working to identify those responsible. Police have arrested a juvenile seen in the video wearing a lime green shirt. He was charged with aggravated riot and acting in concert to: to wit aggravated assault, WREG reported.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said in a statement “Last night’s events clearly demonstrates a lack of parental controls and if warranted these parents will also be held accountable.”


  • johnson

    I like how the media likes to leave out the part about the guy in the parking lot and the store were ‘white’ and the mob were ‘black’. However if this was reversed the media would be saying WHITE MOB attacks BLACK children! And jesse and Al would be there already!

    • Pat

      I totally agree with you. I was in an incident where I used the word “black” on my FB page and was reprimanded at work. I thought I lived in a society where we can exercise our Freedom of Speech. It’s getting to the point where us “white” folk don’t have rights anymore.

  • sehag

    Of course the parents wont show up until sharpton gets there! Crying about what good kids they are, so misunderstood! Animals

  • alex Pichardo

    First of all it’s not a funny issue, the girl recording its very immature by saying, they got a white man. This people need to be incarcerated, the judge should give them 20 years in prison to set an example. They are putting peoples life at risk. Whats going on in the states, it’s totally caos. My regards from dominican republic.

  • Deborah Campa

    These fucks are smart. Seems like they don’t want to kill you, just leave you brain damaged so they get a lesser charge. The Rodney King white trucker who was pulled out of his truck and beat, the marine in Ferguson, and now white kids at the store getting kicked in the head and having 20 lb pumpkins dropped on their heads. The white couple walking outside the bar that was attached by a group also. They go for the head…… We need to change out laws and enforce the laws we do have. This obviously was a hate crime.

    • Clarence

      You cannot disparage an entire race because of these criminals. Personally, I couldn’t care less what happened to them, as these fools are attacking Whites and Blacks. This just happens to be White people. Are these teens out of control? Absolutely, but Blacks do not need to be controlled by the likes of you. But again, with all of that said, I really couldn’t care less of a bunch of you angry White folks took your guns and shot into the crowd. I for one would applaud you and when anyone say you were wrong defend you.

      • Michele Joy Dingman

        Why not Clarence? Seems to me that the black population has taken this stance on white people. ALL white people are racists or out to get them because of what “SOME” men did over 100 years ago. I’m white…my great great great greats had nothing to do with owning slaves, beating slaves, degrading black people. We are and should be a civilized people.

  • Edward

    WTF Where is that so called reverend Al Sharpton, oh thats right there is no money in it for him and ublicity. and who in the hell hired that mout full of marbles on MSNBC!

  • Mark

    Why is this not called “terroism” and treated accordingly. This mobs intent was to terrorize and should be dealt with as such. This is not a game. People should arm themselves and take personal action at the first sign of “the game” being played.

  • Barbara

    I think this is terrible on so many levels and as american citizens we need to work together. Racism should not be tolerated no matter what race you are. Raise your kids up the right way…do unto others what you want done upon ya self. If Al Sharpten is for nonviolence then speak up for these victims they are just as human as the black boy in ferguson I hate watching the video this country needs help.

  • crtjr

    I notice several angry white people commenting on this issue and some of you reek of stagnant hate. First, to be clear, it would be nice if one day soon they attacked someone who pulled out an Uzi and blew their brains across the parking lot. These criminals and their parents are an embarrassment to my people and I am horrified, angered, and sickened by this behavior that insults the sacrifice and heritage of our forefathers. I find this behavior well below the level of hate some of you have for my race. This is a gang mentality that needs a stiffer punishment than aggravated assault and should be considered terrorism, punished as an adult, and since the justice system will not punish them to the extent in which they deserve, I hope you angry White folk in Tenn call your local politician/DA and demand prosecution as a terrorist. However, some of you really angry and dare I say racist White folk that would like to see all of us Black folk control because we’re out of control across the country are listening to many Limbaugh and O’Reilly lies. Most Black people are hard working, law abiding citizens. All of my friends are middle class, career minded, mostly college educated and/or ex military and/or trade skilled, law abiding citizens. All my siblings have either secondary education or a skilled trade and support families. Our children, those that aren’t babies, are either in college or finished college with families of their own. Our mother worked in the school cafeteria and out father was a truck driver. This is the majority of Black folks but you would refuse to believe that our race is made up of such people through the blindness of your hate. You would rather use this as an occasion to spew your racist vitriol across the internet about an entire people. Shall I remind you that no race of people, throughout history, has killed, raped, and spread disease among the innocent more than the Anglo Saxon White race. Do I want you all “controlled” as a result? No, because I know that is not the entire race. As for your desire to see these criminals punished, I would love to see them punished more than do you, if only because people a couple of generations ago of my race died so I can live as I do. These criminals are a abomination of the history of our people. I also wish that Al Sharpton and the others would comment on this as well and draw the parallel between this and the sentiment of angry White people in this country. They need to tell how an innocent Trayvon Martin is killed because of sentiment of anger among White society as a direct result of these criminals. Is it too late to hold out hope that as generations of racist and criminals from all races die out our society can heal. I feel your pain, but its not all of us. Can one day, one day, we all please just get all?

    • Michele Joy Dingman

      It is becoming harder and harder CRTJR not to include your people as a whole though. I am not a racist. I think a asshole is a asshole no matter the color. AND a criminal a criminal not matter the color. But our black community seems to be raising the children to believe that ALL white people should be put in that “category” that they are racist. Even Oprah has a tendency to favor her people of color over all others. I don’t know why everything is so separated, but it is, and I can tell you from where I’m standing…its not the whites doing the separating. This was a vicious attack and a RACE attack. No one can say that a mob of people attacking only white people is not a race attack! This punch out game is a race attack game as well. Only black men are doing it to only white people? What does that say? Then the reports are it is a game? That innocent Travon did bash that guys head in before he was shot. I think that was all a terrible accident. A scared man happen to shoot a young man because he felt threatened by him. I feel if that “kid” was white and the exact same set of circumstances happened….the white kid would have been shot just the same. So lets stop holding this over the white heads forever. ALSO…that guy (shooter) tech wasn’t white, he was Hispanic. But the black community made him white in the media to make it look like this was race related when it never was. It was CRIMINAL related. The guy was trying to stop criminals in his neighborhood ALL criminals black or white or Hispanic…he didn’t care. But he was careless. But…if he wouldn’t have shot him…HE would be dead because I do not believe that Trayvon would have stopped bashing his head in. With that being said…..I am growing increasingly AFRAID of he total lack of empathy your people have show and show towards their fellow man. Believe it or not….lots of white people have it pretty tuff in this country as well. We should act like civilized people. I feel for the position our police departments are put in. Because so many black people are committing crimes…it’s making them look like they are targeting the black community. Did anyone ever think that maybe just a lot of black people are committing crimes. That just maybe they just happen to be black? This is about being equal. The black community wants to be equal…well…if your black men commit crimes shouldn’t they be prosecuted?

      • William Carr

        “It is becoming harder and harder CRTJR not to include your people as a whole though. I am not a racist.”

        Uh-huh. You’re not a racist, you just want to blame an entire race for what a few young punks are doing.

        Meanwhile, WHITE punks are committing crimes, attacking people… and you don’t seem to notice.

      • William Carr

        “ That innocent Travon did bash that guys head in before he was shot.”

        The signs are subtle… but they ARE there.

        Did you fail to notice that Zimmerman had two TINY scratches on the back of his head, and a pressure cut on his nose?

        Zimmerman testified he was punched 25 to 30 times, and had his head pounded on the pavement 30 times.

        If I had done that to him he would be DEAD.

        So I’m supposed to believe his account, with NO evidence supporting it? He didn’t even spend time in the Hospital.

        He’s on video walking into the Police Station later, and he looks fine. Clothing clean, the scratches on his head just BARELY discernible but with no bandages.

        My question is, why did you accept the account of the admitted killer?

        Shouldn’t you be a BIT skeptical that he might lie to cover up his crime?

        Treyvon had no bruises on his knuckles. There was a tiny nick on his left ring finger that matches the nick on Zimmerman’s nose, as if Treyvon had swung wildly with his left to get the man off him.

        Isn’t it a bit peculiar that people automatically believe the account of the “white” guy, even though the details of his story don’t add up?

      • Cameron Johnson

        No Michele, you are a racist. You are a racist piece of shit and the world will be better off when your generation dies. Coming from a white person. You say “ALL blacks hate whites over what SOME whites did over a hundred years ago.” If you cannot see the oxymoron in that statement you are beyond hope, beyond help, and I patiently await the death of your generation so that the world has a chance at unity.

        Who gives a flip what race they are? They did a terrible thing and all deserve to be in jail for years. They are human beings, not a statistic reflecting the color of their skin. Reports say one of the Kroger employees beaten was black. That may or may not be true. But who cares? All you can see is color.

        A wrong is a wrong regardless of race, and placing this emphasis on race is only furthering the schism and tension between humanity. We are all humans. But all you and many of the other RACISTS posting on the articles about this incident can see is “us” vs. “them.”

  • jimmy zee

    Virtually all these knockout videos involve black men assaulting white men and women. Last time I checked that would be a hate crime. Oh, that’s right racism only goes one way white on black but not the other way around. Amazing how quiet the news media is nationally on this obvious problem, Obama’s pet snake (Holder) isn’t flying out to speak to the locals on this, the race baiters Al and Jesse are no where to be found. I wonder why? This country is so ****ed up it’s amazing to me we still exist as a country.

  • ThugKiller2014

    When you selectively assault a person based on his or her race, it is a fucking hate crime. You never had an argument with that person; you did not know that person, but you assaulted him/her based on the race. You are worse than a racist and Negroes are the ones that like to gang up on people. Why because that’s how monkeys fight.

  • Seal

    Wow! I am black. I am 6’6″ tall. I am 250lbs. I am afraid of and for our youth, especially young blacks. If threatened, I can assure you that I would release the pure unadulterated vengeance on these hoodlums that masquerade as humans. However, these are not hate crimes against whites, they are hate crimes against humanity.

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