Senator John Sampson prepares for election despite corruption charges

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Tuesday's democratic primary will decide the fates of New York senators Malcolm Smith, Tom Libous and John Sampson fighting for their political lives.

"Face it, fix it, and forget about it. "

Senator John Sampson is sticking to that slogan. He's confident he'll keep his 19th District Senate seat.

His legal troubles are far from his mind as he gets ready for a primary.

"My opponents are people just taking advantage of an opportunity. Worst of all, they don't know anything about the district ... what's most important is that all politics is local."

Sampson is a local here in Brooklyn. He's been in politics for 17 years but trouble only started about a year ago.

The feds charged Sampson with embezzlement for illegally stealing $400,000 from a housing fund. They also claim he lied to the FBI about his involvement with a liquor store.

However, Sampson maintains his innocence. He has the support of seniors, who he danced with at an event.

"I like to be positive. I have my faith -- my faith is strong. I'll continue to push on."

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