Army vet in dire need of kidney donor

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(PIX11) -- Patrick Bowler wants a life. His is on hold because he’s got a genetic kidney disease that’s going to put him on dialysis unless he finds a kidney donor.

Right now, Patrick says he has about 10% kidney function left. He dreads the thought of dialysis.

“It’s on my mind 24/7. You know it’s a lot. I’m gonna get sick… I just don’t know when…The doctor says I’m gonna get sick. Soon.”

Patrick is 43. His grandfather died at 51. His father died at 51. Both of them had the same ailment: polycystic kidney disease. Patrick has cysts all over his kidneys, squeezing and engorging them so they make his stomach look distended.

“I can actually feel the weight inside of me because they’re huge. You know when I get up in the morning I can feel them inside of me. It’s like having a baby in some sense.”

Patrick, a US Army veteran, is still able to work as a porter and doorman at a building in Yonkers. For how much longer? That’s anybody’s guess.

He sees his doctor every two weeks, takes good care of himself, watches his diet and takes a lot of meds and nutrients. But he’s fighting a lonely battle and he’s faced plenty of disappointment.

“I had a lot of people back out who said they would donate to me but they changed their mind. And they never talked to me again. Or I never hear from them again. And that’s it.”

Patrick is one of more than 120,000 Americans in need of a kidney. All people need is one good one to live just fine. It you think you might be a match, or just want to find out more information about kidney donation, send me an email to our special address:

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