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Drew Carey offers $10,000 reward to find students who ‘pranked’ autistic boy

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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (PIX11) — Actor, comedian and game show host Drew Carey has responded on social media to the horrific ALS bucket challenge ‘prank‘ that left an Ohio autistic boy covered in feces and urine.

Carey, a Cleveland native, has offered to donate $10,000 as either a reward to find the bullies or a donation to autism advocacy organization Autism Speaks, he announced on Twitter.

Video of the unthinkable act was released at the request of the 15-year-old’s parents to raise awareness.

The autistic student thought he was taking the ice bucket challenge to join the thousands raising money for ALS research, but his classmates dumped a bucket of human waste and cigarette butts on him instead, his parents said.

The cruel prank has sparked outrage across the county.

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