ANOTHER bedbug report pulls R train out of service [PHOTO]

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Yet another bedbug sighting has straphangers watching where they sit and the MTA scrambling to rid the cars of any possible blood-sucking critters.

Billy Grijalva told PIX11 he was riding a Bay Ridge-bound R train Saturday afternoon when he spotted one of the icky insects as the train stopped at DeKalb Avenue.

Grijalva said the bug was crawling around on one of the seats, and he decided to snap some photos.

It's not certain that it was a bedbug, but the MTA took the train out of service immediately, Grijalva said.

An MTA spokesman told PIX11:

"A customer reported seeing an insect on the R train around 4:40 this afternoon. The train has been taken out of service and will be inspected."

The possible sighting is just the latest -- earlier this summer the MTA fumigated several N, Q and 7 trains, among others.  Recently, bedbugs caused a scare on a B44 bus when a customer claimed to see them crawling on one of the passengers.



  • Nathan

    I’m really not surprised considering the fact that luggage from international flights isn’t inspected for these bugs before being allowed out of customs. Perhaps it should be inspected.

    • MLW

      This is a domestic problem. Who knows maybe one of them hitched a ride on you then transferred to someone else you never know.

  • ken

    Its not a domestic problem..well it is now but it didn’t start out that way…we had better start allowing the use of DDT the only known substance that kills bedbugs and the eggs…DDT. The only answer unless…you’d rather just live with them

  • tm

    I cannot believe how filthy people are who ride public transportation. They leave garbage on the seat when there is a garbage receptacle every ten feet. Half drunk coffee cups and cans of beer that spill all over the floor. The biggest thing is, I wish I knew what they were thinking, what their motive was.

  • Kathleen

    It honestly looks like a tick more than bed bug. Can not be certain but the bug back appears to be larger in proportion to the rest of the body. Thats usually an indicator of a tick.

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