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Mom furious after teen given ‘shame suit’ for dress code violation

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ORANGE PARK (PIX11) – A Florida teen says she was forced to wear a ‘shame suit’ at her high school after a dress code violation for having a skirt that was too short.

Miranda Larkin, 15, caught the attention of an Oakleaf High School teacher when she showed up wearing a black skirt that was “about three to four inches” above her knees, according to WLTV.

Larkin was sent to the school nurse to receive her punishment — a humiliating outfit of red sweatpants and a baggy, neon-green T-shirt with “DRESS CODE VIOLATION” written in large, block text.

For Larkin, it was just her third day at a new school after moving from Seattle.

“She put on the outfit in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror and just broke down. She started sobbing and broke out in hives,” said Dianna Larkin, the teen’s mother.

According to school officials, dress code violators are supposed to receive three options — undergo an in-school suspension while wearing the clothes, wear the ‘shame suit’ and still attend classes or call someone to bring them a change of outfit.

Larkin said she was only given one option.

Larkin’s mother called the incident a “clear violation” of her daughter’s privacy rights, and has filed a complaint with FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The school’s lawyer rejected the FERPA complaint in a statement, saying “None of us see this as a FERPA violation as it is not a personally identifiable student record.  Additionally it is not displaying a discipline record to the public.”


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  • Kerry

    Oh please!! They knew what the dress code was (it’s in the handbook people!) and still chose to ignore it. Would it have been better if she had been sent home and missed school instead? So the replacement outfit is ugly… so what? Maybe she will dress appropriately now so she won’t have to wear it again. If she was humiliated by this then she sure won’t get far in life. Grow up sweetheart, life is hard.

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