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Man arrested for allegedly threatening to behead Muslim woman

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BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- A man has been arrested after allegedly harassing two women with violence and anti-Islam slurs, officials said.

Brian Boshell, 45, is accused of threatening to behead Linda Sarsour, 34, Wednesday in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.

He allegedly hurled sexist, anti-Arab and anti-Islam epithets at Sarsour and her colleague, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Boshell allegedly threw a trash can at the pair, the league said.

Sarsour is an executive of the Arab American Association of New York, a group formed to protect Muslims from discrimination and hate-fueled attacks.

Boshell has been charged with menacing as a hate crime, the organization said.



  • Christine Gandee

    Brian Boshell is a homeless man who suffers from severe alcoholism, which has probably resulted in “wet brain” and is considered brain damage. Can a brain damaged homeless man with diminished capacity be held accountable for an “alledged” hate crime? There are many things wrong with the accusations against him:

    1. Has this homeless, alcoholic man been reading the paper and watching the news to stay atop current events that he is aware of the beheadings? I doubt it. According to Ms. Sarsour and her assistant (who were the only witnesses,) Brian Boshell said he was going to behead them and see how they liked it…called her an Arab b…h AND a Sharmoota and other Arabic slurs. Wow…a white, homeless, alcoholic who knows Arabic…that is very impressive.

    2. It is a strange coincidence that these accusations took place just days away from Ms. Sarsour’s scheduled television interview. On her Facebook page, she was quick to point out that she would be discussing her recent traumatic “hate crime” experience. So basically, Mr. Boshell was used to give Ms. Sarsour a juicy subject for her television appearance.

    3. In one story, I read that Mr. Boshell was sleeping in the entry way of Ms. Sarsour’s headquarters on 5th Ave and that Ms. Sarsour and her associate could not pass. Then how did he end up chasing them, as she claims? Could he even chase them? Most drunks can’t walk a straight line.

    4. Ms. Sarsour claims she reported Mr. Boshell previously as “a person of suspicion.” Suspicion of what? Ms. Sarsour is actually a person of suspicion considering her defense of known terrorists.

    5. How did a middle-aged drunk not only chase these 2 women, while yelling English and Arabic slurs, pick up a NYC garbage can and hurl it at them? Picture it. It doesn’t even sound reasonable that this could happen.

    The hate crime law is like many laws and programs that start off with good intentions only to become misued and abused. It is clear to me that Ms. Sarsour is using Mr. Boshell to further her agenda and give her a speaking platform. After all, who will care about a homeless drunk? Well, whether you care about the homeless drunk or not, the things we do not stand up for now, we will be lying down for later. What will stop her, or someone like her, to accuse a member of the working class of a hate crime against her. She obviously has people that will act as “witnesses.”

  • Bella

    Free Brian he’s harm is harmless. Muslim woman is not free if she is still wearing a hijab. She is owned by men. She must truly free her own culture. God tells us to be modest in dress. Not for women to be discriminated upon.

  • Bella

    So she must truly free her own Muslim men more to to still be wearing a hijab. Because I know our loving creature would not put that burden on us. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Bella

    I think Muslim’s are an envious culture because they cannot get the positive attention they want. We are just tolerable and pay them no mind.

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