News Closeup: Teachout and Astorino tackle hot button issues

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New York gubernatorial candidates Zephyr Teachout and Rob Astorino joined News Closeup this week to speak out on hot button issues.

The two gubernatorial candidates touched upon the Moreland Commission put in place by Governor Cuomo, hydrofracking, proposed gun policies, marriage equality and Common Core.




  • GBK

    What does Teachout know about hydrofracturing? Cuomo is stalling allowing drilling solely because of political reasons…..Teachout is just plain ignorant and has sipped the anti-coolaid!

  • Michael Hense

    well… even if she knows nothing about fracking, that fracking guy in the Governors seat needs to be replaced… i’ll settle for good intentioned ignorance over someone who protects curropt judges and other officials any day…

  • Felix Procacci

    Where’s Cuomo? Isn’t he running? Why is he absent, AGAIN from a candidate debate.
    OH, I forgot he doesn’t want to debate issues, he just wants ignorant people to vote for him.

  • Charles & David Koch

    Teachout has extensively studied the science and economics of hydrofracking and has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, Josh Fox and Mark Ruffalo.

    For anyone that doesn’t understand, I can explain quickly why it’s unwise:

    First – any fossil fuels we pull from the Earth and put into the atmosphere, burned or not, increases the levels of greenhouse gases that heat up the planet and melt polar ice, make sea levels rise and cause more intense weather events.

    Second – frackers have routinely misinformed the public about the levels of methane escaping in the process, the amount of wastewater and toxic debris produced, and the incidences of contamination of fresh water. In fact, they maintained for years that no drinking water had ever been compromised by fracking, but it was proven just this month they were lying for all those years – hundreds of cases were kept silent as they forced homeowners into non-disclosure contracts as part of the compensation for their ruined water supplies.

    Third – Earthquakes.

    Fourth – fracking is an economic time-bomb because the homeowners today making money by drilling gas wells into their land are leaving behind mile-long concrete casings. These casing fail at a rate of 6% upon installation, and will ALL fail eventually as erosion, floods, natural land shift and seismic events occur over time. So we are leaving the maintenance and clean-up job to our kids and grandkids – to spend their time and money making sure toxins from one strata don’t intermix with fresh water on another. A mile down into the ground, such inspection or repair is impossible anyway, meaning the land is more likely to become uninsurable or uninhabitable.

    Finally, we have superior alternatives right in front of us, renewables that are clean and will leave to our kids decades of free power instead of drilled-up land with leaks and holes everywhere. The only reason NY is so far behind CA, MN, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, France and others is because our politicians are bought by fossil fuel extractors who are enjoying record profits.

    • Matt Damon

      Charles & David,
      I’ve always known you were full of crap. Anthropomorphic global warming is being debunked by actual facts. Your global warming models don’t seem to be working out in the real world. Mark Ruffalo? Now there’s an endorsement!

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