Man changes one thing on resume and gets flooded with job offers

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — What’s in a name?

One man said taking one letter out of his name made all the difference when it came to applying to jobs.

José Zamora told BuzzFeed he would send out 50 to 100 applications daily in his quest for a new job.

Zamora wasn’t having much luck after 6 months, so he decided to take the “s” out of his name and go by “Joe” on his resume.

The simple change, Zamora said, was all it took for employers to start calling.

“I was applying for the same exact jobs, the exact same resume, the exact same experience,” he said. “Just a different name.”

Zamora actually had to turn down employers, and eventually landed a job.

“Sometimes I don’t even think people know or are conscious or aware that they’re judging – even if it’s by name,” Zamora told BuzzFeed. “But I think we all do it all the time.”


  • Carlos H Linares

    I believe you Jose. I’m thinking about legally changing my name to Charles just to get more offers. I have an MBA and have sent hundreds of resumes and no replies. I keep getting small job offers. Not enough to pay for my college loans. Jobs that pay the same as someone working at McDonalds.

  • Donna

    im sorry to those of you who might find my comment a bit offensive BUT i find this hard to believe since in My observation over the past few years the Hispanics and immigrants seem to have taken over all the factory/production line work !!!!!!! ..So i really do find this article extremely hard to believe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Karon

      Yeah I’m not offended by your ignorance…immigrants have taken over factory jobs? Is that like the only jobs they are allowed to work? Seems you are implying they should be happy working cutting grass and doing day labor work…

    • jzysofly

      @Donna..I don’t think Jose was applying for a factory/production line job.. that’s not what all Hispanics are qualified I would see why you would think this statement is not true..but it is..Hispanics acquire degrees also you know! DEGREES that give them the skills to apply to more challenging jobs that require a specific skill set. NOT STARTING ON A DAMN PRODUCTIIN LINE.

    • Dwayne

      I guess it’s typical of us Hispanics to take ALL jobs by working in factories making shit money. Lady for real? Let go of 1960 and come into this century.

  • Gabriel Crockett

    I have to call BS to all your comments and to this story cause my name is gabriel and im Hispanic and if you have the experience and the willingness to want to work you can find a great job. I am a ceo for a shoe company and you people complian about a name its called work hard and get your dreams come true. But hey what do I know I have 14000 employess that work for me and half are Hispanics, so have a good night.

    • lily

      Well gabriel ur one of the lucky Hispanics who made it to the top an congrats ! To u …but , not all hispanics or blacks. Etc ! Get that break w a college degree …but ,keep up that great role model as a latino on top .

    • Laura

      Thank God you are not the CEO of a company based on your ability to write or use proper grammar or spelling for that matter. I doubt that you are a Hispanic man but if you are clap for yourself: one of your own expressed his opinion, and you ignorantly and selfishly dismissed it. I’m not Hispanic and I doubt anyone complaining of being mistreated is saying so out of laziness.

  • Jeff Betsch

    50 – 100 resumes a day eh? for months on end.. So the claim is that he sent out his resume 9,000 times (50 x 180 days (6 months)) and not a single call back, from 9,000 job openings? Did WPIX happen to look and verify this claim, as he should have sent items in his inbox , Jobs applied for in and Indeed also keep track of the jobs applied for. Oh I was out of work for 10 months and sent out far less than that a day but still received the occasional inquiry and interview. WPIX, its not uncommon to race bait on your reporting before, and your doing it again it seems in this one. Is Al Sharpton paying you guys on the side?

    • Nikki

      “Much luck” , as stated in the article, and no replies at all are two different things. Maybe , while you were wasting your time with all that math, you could’ve fact checked that Mr. Know-it-all!

  • Amy Mears

    I remember working with a really nice hispanic guy at mobil gas station whos name was Jorge, but he always introduced himself as George. When we told him wed never seen George spelled that way thats when he told us his real name. He said people had a hard time getting his name right so he changed it. We told him his name was fine and he shouldnt have to change it because others(our managers) didnt want to take the time to learn it. Not like his name was all that difficult anyways. I mean really smh.

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