11 Joan Rivers quotes that will have you laughing through the sadness

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Joan Rivers never shied away from sensitive topics, in fact she focused on them.  She even joked about her death in 2006 by naming her Bravo comedy special “Joan Rivers: Before Melissa pulls the plug.”  Very little was off limits for Rivers, by making fun of the painful topics she took away some of their ability to hurt.  If she could see the world mourning her, she would no doubt have a quiver of quips on the tip of her tongue.

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  • tm

    I felt like I knew her. She’s been around so many years of my life. She was taken away so quickly, its amazing how quickly people can disappear from life. She was so glamorous. I knew she was mean sometimes but there was grace there, so that it didn’t bother somehow. I’m glad Melissa has Cooper, that was a wise move on their parts. RIP Joan, you certainly earned it.

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