Mom calls police over swing-set scuffle at Australia park

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SYDNEY (PIX11) – An argument over time spent on a swing-set ended with a mother calling police to an Australian park.

Elaine Stack, a mother of two who runs boutique online kids’ store Nell & Oll, posted Monday about the incident on her shop’s Facebook page, sparking a debate and garnering the attention of international news outlets.

Stack said she spotted officers descending on the park from afar and later spoke with the mother who called authorities to hear her side of the story, reported.

The post read:

“Discussion to be had …

I was just at the park & the police arrived. Seemingly a Mother was pushing her little girl on a swing when a Father approached & said he was also waiting for the swing. The Mother replied that they would be another 5 minutes or so. The Father proceeded to stop the swing in motion & tried to lift the daughter out!

The Mother was very upset & called the police. Another parent in the park thought this was a little over board.

What would you do?!? Would you call the police?”

Hundreds of readers weighed in with mixed reactions.

Some said they would do exactly what the mother did.

“I would ring the police because he obviously has some sort of problem beyond impatience and boundaries. It’s not right or appropriate to touch a child or even intimidate a mother as he did (as it would have been intimidating). Seems a deeper issue there for the man to me,” Nikki Niziolek wrote.

Others said both parents were to blame for the situation.

“I think they should both grow up and remember the example they’re setting for their own children. Having to call the police over a swing in ridiculous. They were both in the wrong. God forbid the police may be needed for something series!” Marenna Zeller wrote.

An inspector with Ryde Police Department told that officers responded to the park because of a “dispute over one child staying on the swing longer than responsible.”

Neither parent wanted to press charges, the inspector said.

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