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‘Miracle’ baby born after young mother’s death set to leave hospital

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Kayla Katler was 6-and-a-half months pregnant with her first child when she died from a massive brain hemorrhage.

Katler was just 21 years old.

Doctors found she had a small blood clot during her pregnancy. Katler’s condition continued to worsen until she had a seizure, her boyfriend, Derek Ellison, said.

Family members described Katler as being active and healthy prior to the discovery of the blood clot.

“I was a little bit shocked that she had gotten so bad so fast, and to the point where there was nothing anybody could do for her,” said Christy Katler, Kayla’s mother.

Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section and were able to save the baby, named Brayden Ellison.

“They did an emergency c-section, and my son was born,” Ellison said.

Brayden, who has been described as a “miracle,” came into the world weighing 3 pounds, 6 ounces. He has been in the NICU at Tarzana Medical Center since his July 21 birth.

Baby Brayden will finally be leaving the hospital on Tuesday.

“It’s really sad to know that she’s not the one bringing him home,” Christy Katler said. “That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Instead, Ellison will be the one taking the newborn home.

“With the support system I have, there’s not a lot to be afraid of,” he said.

The devastated father said he is coping with the loss of his girlfriend one day at a time. He described Brayden as “the last gift she ever gave me.”

The family has asked for help with medical expenses and to set up a college fund for the baby.


    • Jon

      Don’t ask for money? And what, let his girlfriends death go in vain? I don’t think so, he should take whatever people offer him.

    • Red

      I agree! It is very sad that this young man has to raise his son as a single parent, however, many parents have the same challenge so to ask for money for college is just not right! .

      • Someone who still has their humanity.

        People who are saying he shouldn’t ask for money for collage are just jealous pricks who have nothing better to do but make sure a tragedy stays just that with no happy ending just so they can feel better about their own pathetic life. People are offering help and this young man has decided with that help he would put it towards his sons collage because he probably thought that this is what his girlfriend would of wanted and people wanna complain about it?? So what if he got the idea to use peoples offers towards something good and decided to ask everyone because they were doing a news report on it. He’s doing something for his kid, instead of being happy he isn’t living off the government on welfare or buying drugs with all this money you guys want to critize that he wants to start a collage fund for his son? You people are fucking pathetic. Go ruin someone else’s life, or get one for yourselves and stop trolling the internet for people to upset.

      • Conner

        No one is forcing you to give money. They should take the opportunity that this is so public to help set up their lives. Sure there are plenty of single parents but they didn’t make the news. If they did, they’d do the same thing. Don’t act so superior. It makes you look pathetic.

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  • Angel Gordon-Johnson

    Wow celebrities ask for y’all money to help all kinds of causes and everyone is willing to give their last penny. This family, our immediate neighbors ask for help in this tragic situation and its a debate?… #smh

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