FAA examines plane-bird collisions amid recent bird strikes

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QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into recent plane-bird collisions, amid three bird strikes at LaGuardia Airport Wednesday morning.

According to the FAA, there have been 18 bird strikes at LaGuardia Airport this year. On April 1, there were three bird strikes in one day.

No passengers or crew members were injured in Wednesday's strikes, but the incident is a reminder that preventing incoming birds is uncontrollable.

Several factors play a part in bird strikes. They include the fall migratory season, where bird strike risks are at their greatest. Planes also fly over the U.S. Open, where large crowds and trash are present.

Another factor is the location of the runway, which is right next to a construction site for a trash depot. Some have feared the depot would be a popular hangout for birds, as it is only 2,000 feet away from runway 31 at LaGuardia Airport. Upon completion, the transfer station will handle 3,500 tons of residential trash each day.

The Port Authority, which runs LaGuardia Airport, is working with the FAA to control bird population in the area.

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