WATCH: Little girl ‘hates’ that Hello Kitty is not a cat

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(PIX11) — A little girl who just found out Hello Kitty is not a cat absolutely hates the news.

The mother of the devastated girl asked “What’s the matter?” at the start of the video. Holding back tears, the girl said “Hello Kitty is not an actual cat.”

The clip goes on to explain how the little girl “hates” the idea of Hello Kitty being a human.

“I hate it. She looks like a cat. She cannot be a human,” the girl said.

In the background, somebody can be heard asking “Then why is the show called Hello Kitty?”

She responds “Apparently her name is Kitty White. I don’t like it!”

The video was posted on Youtube by “wizardofrum” Aug. 29 and has since been viewed more than 40,000 times.

“My daughter didn’t appreciate the truth about Hello Kitty. I didn’t know she wasn’t a cat either, poor girl,” the Youtube user wrote in the description of the clip.

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