Grandfather pours ice water on baby for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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HOUSTON, T.X. (CNN) — The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a splash on social media for weeks, but some say a grandfather must have been out of his mind when he poured freezing cold water on his 10-month-old granddaughter.

Video on Facebook shows a grandfather dumping an ice bucket on himself and his 10-month-old granddaughter.

“My family was shocked, my friends were shocked. Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled,” Claude Dalcour said.

Claude Dalcour is the girl’s father. He says he’s going through a nasty divorce with her mother and things got even nastier when he saw his ex-father-in-law’s ice-cold Facebook post.

“You don’t do that to an infant. The water splashing into her face, a whole giant bucket of water,” Dalcour said.

Many strangers who saw the video agree with Dalcour.

In fact, it was another person from out-of-state who sent a link of the video to the Texas Department of Children and Families. The agency won’t confirm it’s investigating, but says it’s getting more and more abuse cases through social media.

Dalcour said he’s gone to police about the incident.

“It’s not his child, it’s my child. That’s my blood. He’s only the granddad and when I felt he did that that’s disrespectful,” Dalcour said.



  • SweetPea50

    It wasn’t disrespectful, but absolutely EVIL. The baby had no say in this and this was a total shock to her body.

  • Nani

    Some people go around without any brains. That trick could have had a very traumatic effect on that little girl. What a jerk!!!!!

  • Rosanna R

    Absolutely sick!!! What the heck is wrong with that man? U should never let him see his granddaughter ever again!!

  • Barb

    This crap is really getting out of hand! ALS needs to come up with a better way to make money. And everyone knows, the only reason there’s research is because it’s big money. Just ask the researchers for EBOLA. Nobody wanted to fund the research because there was no money in it. But now that it’s big, they all want a piece of the action. Same with the American Cancer Society.

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