Electric Zoo evacuated, canceled due to extreme weather conditions

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NEW YORK, N.Y. (PIX11) -- The Electric Zoo has been evacuated and canceled Sunday due to extreme weather conditions.

Spokesman Stefan Friedman said in a statement "Electric Zoo has made the decision to shut down the festival for the remainder of the day. We apologize to our fans, but ultimately our main concern is the safety and security of all attendees, artists and staff."

The three-day festival started Friday Aug. 29 at Randall's Island Park. Electric Zoo told festival-goers on their website "We apologize to fans, but your safety is our main concern." Organizers made their decision to cancel the event in collaboration with New York City officials.

Last year, the third day of the festival was canceled due to the death of two concert-goers and four hospitalizations from drug-related overdoses, CNN reported.

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  • fag

    they do not want to pay for the park repairs from the mess that would have become if they didnt kick people out

  • Matt

    Bullshit. They could have cancelled the event an hour before, and actually gotten people out of harms way when it was clear a super cell was headed for nyc. Instead, they wait until the storm is on top of us to evacuate, sending thousands out into lightning that could have resulted in injuries or death. Electric zoo put its patrons at more risk than was necessary and handled this situation criminally.

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