Boy born without a brain dies at age 12

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SHREVEPORT, LA (PIX11) — A Louisiana boy born without a brain died last week at the age of 12, according to KSLA.

Trevor Judge Waltrip was born with a rare condition called hydranencephaly, with sacs filled with cerebrospinal fluid taking the place of his brain’s cerebral hemispheres.

Trevor had a brain stem that allowed him to breath, have a heartbeat and respond to some stimuli, though he couldn’t talk or see.

Doctors say Trevor surpassed expectations and it was rare that he lived past 12 weeks, let alone 12 years, KSLA reported. He died in his sleep on Aug. 25.

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    • Mike

      Show me scientific proof of your “god” and I will accept your delusional fantasy. He didn’t have a brain, he had no awareness. He shouldn’t have been forced to remain “alive” for 12 years. Letting nature take its course would have been kinder. Or, if the doctors knew about the condition before he was born, the pregnancy should have been terminated.

      • Trish Tomlin

        If you had a child with special needs you would understand how his parents felt. It makes me CRY that some people SEEM to feel so little for the most vulnerable in our society. The measure of society’s compassion can be measure by how the most vulnerable and helpless are treated. Anyway, Who are YOU that YOU get to determine the value of a life? Especially if that life isn’t even YOUR OWN CHILD!!!??

      • bill

        Nothing better than circular logic. There will be no proof of god because it has yet to exist, God’s presence is based on belief and faith, not scientific proof. To ask for scientific proof of nonexistence is logically absurd and lacks of any objectiveness.

      • Robert Mahon

        Hey Mike you say show you scientific proof of gods existence thats absolutely absurd the statement in an dof itself is absurd GOD IS NOT SCIENCE As for that poor very unfortuaate child my heart goes out to him to be born not see or talk no brain unbelievable the saddest thing ive ever heard IT I SMY MOST SINCERST WISH HOPE AND BELIEF THAT HE IS NOW AN ANGEL IN HEAVEN .LET HIM show you how lucky you are and how much you have in this life .
        When i think of all the people complaining and wanting more wanting jewelry wanting so many material things .
        Its not that simple GOD is to great for scientific proof Trust you did not come from an explosion but this child so sad this world can be and is

      • clairdelune

        Yours is the voice of rationality and compassion. The poor child had no brain, therefore no thinking was possible – only the brain stem provided the neural impulses to make him breathe and keep the heart pumping, just a biological machine. Keeping him alive for twelve years was NOT humane. And for the bleeding-heart Christians who will scream at you and me, if your heaven is so wonderful, why not let the unfortunate creature go there and find relief from his biological prison??

      • Miriam

        who are you for this person to have to prove anything to. They have their beliefs in God and you don’t. Don’t force your nonsense on someone else just because you believe something different. She wasn’t telling anyone to believe what she believes, so stop being an internet bully, asshole.

      • Lilac

        Wow, all she was doing was making a kind comment for this suffering child and you attack her just because hsem netioned God? Rude and cruel

      • Jordan

        Well, the human species is the slowest evolving living things on the planet. When an animal gets a disease, the animal dies, but may pass the disease to the offspring. And it repeats and pretty soon, the species will grow an immunity to it simply from being exposed to it so much.
        Us humans are so stubborn, that we think that we can cure it with medicine, when it would be much wiser in the long run to let it take it’s course. Then we will develop immunities to the likes of cancer, ALS, and other life theatening diseases. So there would be no need for medicine.

        So for every human that gets saved, it delays the time when we all become immune to the diseases.

      • kinsey

        You fail to understand that your atheist beliefs are us much a “religion” as any other. At least we believe in something….a loving, gracious, merciful God. You spend your time and energy believing in nothing. Atheists are vile, angry people for the most part. Gee, I wonder why.

      • Believes in god

        Shut up mike we don’t need more negativity in world and you should keep your mouth shut if you not say anything nice. I feel really bad for them and people who has nothing nice to say do not write anything keep your mouth shut!

      • darrell

        I may not be able to prove there is a God, but you have no way of proving there is no God!! personally I do believe in God, and his name is Jesus Christ, it’s faith and having a personal relationship with him, that gives me that assurance that he exists.

  • Roxanne

    Seriously you people that are cold hearted….there is a special place for you and it is called Hell. I do not know if you had worthless, parents that had terrible parenting skills, or you have been using drugs or possibly too much alcohol. I do know that your joking and cold hearted comments on here are unacceptable. Satan certainly has gotten ahold of you. Burn in your eternal home one day if you don’t change.

    • tristanavedon

      Hell isn’t real. That’s a fairy tale that primitive people still believe in. So, no, there is no special place. Sorry. Try again.

  • John

    So much Christian rage in this thread. There is no compassion in keeping that child alive. A complete waste of resources going to a person who is unable to contribute anything ever to society. And before the Christians begin telling me I’m an asshole for saying it, and that I’m going to hell, please don’t bother. I don’t believe your fairy tale lies, nor in an afterlife. Take it back to your church with the other brainless dipshits.

    • Staci

      A waste of resources going to someone who is without the ability to contribute? I can only hope you never breed. I can only hope you get no chance to pass on this crooked ass belief that because he was unlike you or anyone else that he doesn’t deserve a chance to live no matter if his life is deemed insignificant by others. I would rather see this world covered in a million children or adults who to use your words “are a waste of resource” than even ONE small minded human without the damn compassion or even the fucking sense to just shut his mouth. I dislike people like you,the world needs less of people like you Im sorry that your mother or father or dear old grandmother was lacking in the ability to teach you respect and how to be a human. You should have been aborted you do not deserve what gifts you have been blessed with like the ability to type read walk or talk as you’re only wasting them. :)

    • Miriam

      So if your child was born with a condition leaving them “unable to contribute to society” would you kill them? Your child… Your son… Your daughter…

      Regardless of your beliefs, this child was still a person. And obviously, he fought pretty damn hard for 12 years. You may not call that a contribution to society, but it may inspire OTHER parents who have to deal with assholes like you, invalidating a person because they’re a “waste of resources”.

      Do us all a favor, if you ever end up in the hospital, please place yourself on the “Do Not Resuscitate” list so YOU don’t waste resources.

  • bill

    Was he human? Genetically yes. Did he have a soul? What allows us to have souls while creatures, not genetically human do not? What about apes, dolphins or your dog or cat, do they have the qualities that deserve a soul? We share up to 98-99% with apes, chimps, do they have souls? What about a human ape hybrid, will it have a soul. We’ll just have to let god work it out, until then treat people and animals like you would want to be treated

  • Abraham

    Such a waste of resources that could go to save someone in really need. I bet you are against socialized medicine so more people could be living a decent life but your twisted values and fairy tales can’t let go an empty shell of a sick

  • Chiqua

    Seriously? Someone writes news articles and don’t know the difference between “breath” and “breathe”? Looks like that kid wasn’t the only one without a brain.

  • Jay

    Seriously. If it doesn’t even have a brain, why would you even fight to keep it alive? Yeah now the christian morons might come telling me Im going to Hell. FFS, its a developed brain that makes us different from animals, and that kid has none. Its just a waste of money and resources. I dont care if they parents want to keep it “alive”, just dont make the rest of the world waste money on a lost cause.

  • Veggie

    How awful and selfish to keep this vegetable alive for 12 years…just shows you the level of selfishness that so many people are afflicted with. Mother Nature deals with these kind of people in the most humane way but we know better. We ALWAYS know better than MN….

    • Dennis

      If Obama’s death squads had heard of this child earlier he would have been disconnected five years ago. But then again if those without brains had been eliminated Obama would have received no votes. GOD is not dead morons, the child is now in His hands

  • mary

    There is no God. There is no heaven or hell. So he cant go there. There was no reason to prolong the suffering of that child for so long. It was either a legal problem or parents wishes.

  • Tim

    What selfish parents. I understand that it was their child and it would be hard for them to let him die without trying, but in his state they should have unhooked him and let him die. 12 years of not being able to be alive without the aid of machines, not to mention he couldn’t talk or probably even think for that matter. What purpose did he serve to the world where they felt it important to prolong his miserable life as long as possible. He lived a shit life. I’m sure they took good care of him and everything, but his entire existence was shitty, and if he could talk I’m sure he would agree. If I was unable to talk, breathe, eat, or even be alive without being hooked up to machines 24/7, I would hope someone who ACTUALLY cares about me to pull the plug. It’s not like he had a chance to one day be a functional person and walk around and feed himself.

    Selfish parents…

  • jesse

    Look here. Im a atheist, but you other so called atheist have this, ” i know everything attitude”. This is a sad case. It was a child and a messed up thing all the way around. Why is it that everyone wants to Hate everyone for there belief and that goes both ways. You atheist are bigger bastards than christians and cause just as much conflict when you say stupid shit in cases like this. You are no better than anyone, and just because were atheist doesnt make us smarter. There was no reason in making a religious debate out of this or sick jokes. But most of u are probaly kids who dont know better and just repeat shit u see others say.

  • Ozell Xiante

    He wasn’t on life support so no one was “keeping” him alive short of murdering him. The family and doctors weren’t “expending” any resources to keep him alive; his heart and lungs did that. He had a brain stem, which is the most important part of the brain, so the article’s title is totally misleading and sensational. The brain stem controls respiratory and cardiac function (as the article does somewhat acknowledge), and also controls most motor and sensory systems. Children with this condition have a broad range of abilities, and just as with any other disability (or in this case deformity) some fair much better than others. The worst cases of this condition usually don’t survive infancy; while others survive for many years with supportive care. To be sure, those who survive infancy are “special needs” children, but their lack of “parts” of their brain, particularly the cerebellum, does not make them any less alive, aware, or human than anyone else. We’ve heard of people who survive gunshot wounds to the head; and as a society, we intentionally scrambled the brains of thousands of people in the last century though lobotomies as a treatment for psychiatric disorders. In short, we really don’t need our whole brain to live, although without a brain stem, you’re screwed.

  • happy

    it hurts my heart to hear how ppl are acting over a child who was born with out a brain your making jokes and fighting and calling that child an “it and that thing ” thats not nice at all and i do hope you look into your self and remember that he was someones child and they have to deal with his passing and all the pain that came with him being gone may he rest in peace and his family get through this tough time

  • kay

    Why would you let him live in the first place. That’s not a life, its torture. His 12 years of life was only to benefit the parents emotions and fear of losing their offspring. We are a selfish
    , emotion fueled species indeed.

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