Seventeen’s Ultimate Guide to College

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- As students return to college, it’s key to be prepared for how to make the best of campus life.

Below are excerpts from Seventeen’s “Ultimate Guide to College,” available for $14 at Barnes & Noble stores.

How to Make A Good First Impression


Your Roommate: Follow your roomie online so you can get to know her personality and quirks.

Your Profile Pic: Post a cute profile picture of yourself so your future friends can see you at your best.

Your Professors: Search professors online to see how other students have rated them.

Your High School Friends: Keep in touch with people from home who go to your college. Carpooling over breaks will save money!


Your Roommate: “Like” all of her status updates and retweet everything she says; you’ll look like a stalker.

Your Profile Pic: Choose a pic of you partying. A photo that seems fun to you could look lushy to strangers.

Your Professors: Friend your professors on Facebook. They won’t be impressed by that post of you scarfing down a pizza at 2 a.m.

Your High School Friends: Tag each other in a million pics–you’ll look cliquey to people on the outside.

How to Be the Best Roomie Ever


Before You Meet: Call her to see what music she’s into and where she shops. Look for ways you’re alike, and appreciate how you’re different. Also, decide who will bring what to the dorm.

On Move-In Day: Go out for pizza and discuss how you each feel about drinking, guests, and noise. Setting rules will prevent fights later.

Two Weeks In: Give her some space. Plan a movie night with her once a week–but go out with other people too. This will give you both a chance to make new friends.


Before You Meet: Set ground rules right off the bat–why introduce conflict before you even know her? Besides, she’s got plenty of time to learn about your quirks.

On Move-In Day: Call dibs on the bigger closet. Otherwise she’ll be irritated from the start and it will be twice as hard to win her over.

Two Weeks In: Talk about what she does in the privacy of your room. It will get back to her, and she’ll be pissed. If there’s an issue, meet her at a café and gently talk to her.

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