Mayor de Blasio defends decision to bring 2016 convention to NYC

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- It's not often that Mayor Bill de Blasio decides to hold an impromptu news conference, but on Tuesday afternoon in Brooklyn he did just that.

The Mayor to addressed the media after an open letter taken out in the New York Times and the New York Post Tuesday morning.

The author was Ed Mullins, the President of the Seargents Benevolent Association. Mayor de Blasio described the letter as, "It's fear mongering to try and benefit their own position in labor talks."

If it is a political tactic by the union, the letter sends a different message to the person it was directed to, the Chairperson of the Democratic National Convention.

The committee is examining the viability of the Barclays Center hosting the 2016 DNC convention.  An event that is predicted to have a big positive economic boost: "The last time we had a convention in New York City well over a decade ago, it brought in over a quarter-billion dollars into the New York City economy. This convention will bring in even more."

In the letter, the author, Ed Mullins, President of the Sergeant Benevolent Association states that, "I cannot join the Mayor's call for the DNC to come to Brooklyn."

He then criticizes the Mayor by writing, " ... it is time for honesty about the dangerous choices that Mayor de Blasio's administration is making."

Finally, he showcases division between the Mayor and the NYPD, "Our Mayor cannot be a leader in the fight against crime without supporting his police force."

To which Mayor de Blasio says, "I hope we use this occasion to reflect upon on the progress.  27 fewer murders than this point last year.  That is extraordinary, the NYPD should be proud of that fact. The people in this city should be proud.  That is what we should be focused on."

Afterwards, Mayor de Blasio did not take many questions, but did address PIX 11's inquiry as to whether or not he had spoken with Commissioner Bratton with regards to the letter, "No I have not, but I look forward to speaking with him."

The DNC had not comment on the letter.


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  • andrew fusco

    What does al sharpton think about this idea. Is he in favor of this, or not, guess we will hear from him soon.

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