Father of toddler killed in Bronx day care tells story of ‘lifeless’ son

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BRONX, NY (PIX11) -- The 56-year old father of a little boy discovered dying in day care told PIX 11 News he heard horrific details about the toddler's last moments alive, from a 12-year-old neighbor, who saw Cardell Williamson in a Bronx apartment last Friday.

"He observed the baby with something stuffed in his mouth,' Williamson recalled, "tape and stuff."

The neighbor touched the toddler's body and discovered he was cold.

The father told PIX 11 News that the young neighbor had helped the day care provider, Athena Cross Skeeter, carry grocery bags to her 2nd floor apartment on College Avenue last Friday.  The neighbor said he peeked into a room and saw 20 month old Cardell, wet and naked, on a couch bed.

"He said he took the tape out of his mouth, and he felt him, and he was cold," Williamson said to PIX 11 News Tuesday, from his front porch on College Avenue. "He was just laying in the bed lifeless."

Williamson said the neighbor ran down the block and told his mother, who called 911.

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