Centerplate CEO allegedly caught abusing dog in elevator [VIDEO]

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STAMFORD, Conn. (PIX11) – The CEO of a large Stamford catering company has people calling for his job after he was caught on camera allegedly abusing a young dog inside an elevator.

The ugly incident took place inside a downtown Vancouver hotel, and sparked a BC SPCA investigation after Desmond Hague was seen repeatedly kicking a cowering Doberman pinscher puppy and pulling it violently by its leash, according to Canada’s Global News.

Hague said in his apology that the dog wasn't his, and that he was pet-sitting for a friend when the pooch, named Sade, caused him to "lose control" after a "minor frustration."

Hague says he is "ashamed and deeply embarrassed" after he was allegedly caught on video kicking a dog.

Hague says he is "ashamed and deeply embarrassed" after he was allegedly caught on video kicking a dog.

"Unfortunately, I acted inappropriately, and I am deeply sorry for that and am very grateful that no harm was caused to the animal," Hague continued.  "I have reached out to the SPCA and have personally apologized to the dog's owner."

The 1-year-old Doberman showed signs of abuse and was "removed after being found in distress," according to a  search warrant obtained by the Canadian news agency.

Centerplate, which caters to professional sports stadiums and entertainment venues, similar to Aramark, issued the following statement to PIX11:

"We are aware of the incident involving Centerplate CEO Des Hague and the attention surrounding it. The company has now gathered all of the current facts from local authorities and is in the process of conducting an internal review. Centerplate does not condone the mistreatment of animals by any of its employees. Mr. Hague has agreed to attend counseling to address his anger management issues and has publicly expressed he is deeply ashamed and remorseful for his behavior. He has apologized to everyone directly involved as well as to the company's clients and employees, and has pledged a significant, personal, multi-year financial commitment to help support the protection and safety of animals. There will be a public statement as soon as Centerplate completes its review."

"In no way do we condone the mistreatment of animals.  This is a personal matter involving our CEO that we are currently investigating."

Anger over the incident has many calling for his resignation and the boycott of Centerplate products and services.  Hague has already deleted his own Twitter account amid the controversy.




  • Hue

    Your headline states, “Centerplate CEO allegedly caught” Yet he admits below to the charges stating, ” “lose control” after a “minor frustration.” … that he was sorry.

    So explain to me what part of this is “Allegedly?”

  • Kelli

    This is utterly disgusting. I am glad the Greensboro Grasshoppers minor league team had decided to end their contract with Centerplate prior to this. I will do my best to check the venues I attend in advance and if they are serviced by Centerplate, I will ENSURE that I eat prior to my attendance. I will not purchase ANYTHING from Centerplate as long as this man is CEO. He should be charged with animal cruelty. I hope his “counseling” is long term. He clearly has issues.

  • John Arter

    someday i hope to end up in a elevator with this piece of garbage so i can show him how the dog felt except i will hit the stop button so i can enjoy myself for awhile.

  • Karla

    According to the authorities and the SPCA that small puppy had signs of abuse was kept in a filthy cage covered with urine, and if you can stand watching the video , one sees a terrified puppy kicked and thrown in the air by the sicko, HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!
    Centerplate tried to keep this a secret.
    Only God knows what else the puppy had to suffer.
    Anger management? my #%&^#


    Why didn’t he get fired? A penalty less than 1% of his yearly salary is not going to teach him a lesson. We need to boycott Centerplate! We’re compiling a list of contact info to all of Centerplate’s restaurants and catering businesses. Join us in the boycott by visiting

  • Rose

    We should put him on a leash and pull him and kick him a bunch of times! Cowardly moves!!he should pick on someone that will fight back!

  • ximena

    I hadn’t crie din long time til i saw this video. I felt so sorry for the dog. This dog could have easily attack this mother Fu…r,but dogs have feelings, and are loyal and are men’s best friend….contrary to humans. Lets boycott this Co and its asshole wheather you are in Canada or The US. Lets take action and take this assholes out of business.

  • Jeff Madruga

    It’s a start, and the numbers sound enticing; but it’s not enough. After all, it’s all just other people’s money and the cost is passed on to consumers. First and foremost, I’m glad to hear that the poor dog has been removed to a safe environment, but ultimately C.E.O. Hague still needs to be fired or resign immediately or else *ALL* Centerplate contracts should be boycotted. Nothing less.

  • DD

    This company has no ethics or they would have demanded this man (?) step down as CEO. If this CEO is capable of doing this to a dog, what else is he capable of?

  • Kathy Vinson

    Condoning is exactly what u are doing, Dobermans have the reputation of being a bad ass dog, but this one just sadly cowered, I had a full size Doberman who was a kind and gentle soul who never attacked anyone, but I didn’t have to contend with solicitors, they were too scared to get out of the car! A sadistic creep who will mistreat an innocent animal who won’t even defend himself doesn’t deserve the position he holds, get rid of this LOSER!

  • Brian

    As long as Centerplate is showing a profit, he’ll be fine. The only reason they are responding is because of the outrage expressed by the public. As soon as the public furor dies down, it’s back to business as usual. I have no faith that Centerplate will take appropriate action. Though his offense is not on the level of Michael Vick’s dog fighting scandal, it shows a total lack of empathy and cruelty. Serious repercussions should follow.

  • Donna

    What a-hole left their dog with this monster? Sure hope that “friend” is no longer going to leave the dog with this jackass!

    • Tim

      However, the outlet that broke the story says that there’s evidence that the dog in question, a year-old Doberman named Sade, was registered under Hague’s name. A spokeswoman for the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the group has submitted the video for potential criminal prosecution for animal cruelty. The Vancouver Sun adds that two SPCA officers visited Hague’s apartment and found the dog in a cage in her own urine, out of reach of food and water. They also believe the dog’s behavior shows evidence of previous abuse.

    • Snoop Dog

      I totally agree with everyone. I’d like to take this punk in an elevator and whoop and kick his ass! Sorry loser and how pathetic to harm a creature who is so dependent on those who choose to have an animal. You ought to go into a shelter without the opportunity to even have a foster home. You are a disgusting so called human being. I too will volunteer for the job Kris. And yes, you ought to be firing his ass and boycott all services.

  • Sherry Pierce

    Centerplate, If you do not condone Mr. Hague’s behavior, then prove it by firing this cruel man who has shown his true bullying nature against Sade, a poor helpless dog that has been unable to tell anyone of the abuse she has suffered. (Thank goodness for security cameras.) One has to wonder if that’s the way he treats his children (if he has a family). Normally cowardly people who are abusive to animals are also abusive to children (or any other people) who are unable to defend themselves. Perhaps social services should investigate his home life as well. If you don’t fire him, then I recommend everyone boycott your services!!!!!

  • blip

    A “friend’s dog”? If I were that “friend,” I would currently be up on murder charges. If anyone treated one of my pets that way, I would kill that person. Period. And, yes, I would gladly face the consequences. Beasts like Mr. Hague deserve savage, terminal treatment.

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