Activists urge Mayor de Blasio to ban carriage horses

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- First, they gathered right in front of Gracie Mansion, but police moved the group across the street.

They refuse to give up their fight to ban horse-drawn carriages. And, now they're taking their fight to the Mayor's front door.

"The Mayor promised that he would do something," said Natasha Brenner.

They packed East End Avenue between 87th and 88th streets on the Upper East Side.

Police put up barricades, and members of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages peacefully protested with others.

On the flip side, a spokesperson for for the Horse and Carriage Association told PIX11 News on Tuesday night, "They have a right to protest, however, it shows by protesting in front of the Mayor's home that this is extremely personal to them. And, it is inappropriate when there's children involved to bring a business issue to somebody's personal residence."

Protesters told us, they won't stop until something is done in the city.

On the issue, the Mayor's Press Office said, “We’re considering a range of options that move the horses off our streets, safeguard the animals, and protect the livelihoods of the men and women who provide carriage rides.”





  • Denise Breslin

    You are the BEST PIX11. I loved your coverage of the protest in front of Gracie Mansion yesterday,urging de Blasio to KEEP his promise to ban horse drawn carriages!! I love Mr. G. and the rest of your stalwart newscasters. You’re the ONLY news station that I watch. The rest are dreadful. Keep covering our Carriage Horse cause PLEASE. The horses have it very rough and the drivers have very powerful backing (wonder who? no idea). These horses never get to be horses or just be in a field, except for 5 isolated weeks/year. The rest of the time (47 weeks!), they’re in the miserable traffic, with all the fumes, sometimes hit by a cab, car, then back to the stables. No weekly or even monthly chance to just be in a field, roll in dirt, stand on grass or RUN in a field. It’s so sad. Thank you so much.

  • Minis Mom

    The mayor knows that 68% of New Yorkers, the teamsters union, the Working Family Party, over 75% of the Chamber of Commerce, the New York and New Jersey State Horse Councils and just about every equine vet and professional who has visited the stables supports the working carriage horses of New York. People who KNOW horses know they are fine where they are. The NYC carriage horses are among the most highly regulated and best kept horses in the country. I don’t understand why these activists who claim to care about horses aren’t turning their attention to the 170,000 horses who are sent to slaughter each year.

    • Denise Breslin

      Minis Mom: You are woefully ignorant. All of the groups you mention don’t give a rat’s ass about the welfare of the animals, just the money they bring in. Get real and stop this nonsense. How healthy is it for any animal (human or otherwise) to have only FIVE weeks of being a horse or human.

      For 47 straight weeks, NYC Carriage Horses NEVER get a single chance to be A HORSE, to RUN, to be in a field, graze, simply stand on earth. What the hell are you talking about “best kept horses in the country.” Yeah they’re the best kept SLAVES in the country.

      Why not try this experiment since you’re so positive about everything. For 47 straight weeks: Go to work, then go straight home. Stay home, no going out. Then back to work in the AM, no visits to health clubs, parks at lunch or dinner, straight back to your apartment. Repeat this for 47 straight weeks and see how healthy you feel.

      Horses across the country get a chance to BE HORSES, to run, be in a field, stand in the sun with their feet on grass or soil. Do you know how unhealthy and uncared for they are? Subjected on a DAILY BASIS to heavy NYC traffic, lethal fumes, cabs/cars hitting them, injuring and killing them.

      OF COURSE there are many many horse cruelty situations that need to be addressed. This does not, however, eliminate any one of them from being legitimate and urgent. Shame on you and your lazy brain and totally illogical thinking. Hey who are you shilling for? Huh?

  • Denise Breslin

    Oh by the way Minis Mom, the Mayor with full knowledge of the NYC Carriage Horse situation was screaming to “Ban the NYC Carriage Horses. It’s cruel and should be stopped.” All during his campaign. So whatcha sayin’ huh … that’s he’s just found Jesus? Come on, he is a huge disappointment in backing off from what he PROMISED to DO as SOON as he became Mayor. He knew the facts. Nothing has changed or improved.

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