Vacation-friendly gadgets

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(PIX11) -- We've got a list of gadgets that you need to bring on your next vacation.

Vacation Vault- A small travel safe to keep your valuables and gadgets out of reach.

-It clips onto almost anything such as your beach chair, lounge chair or umbrella

-Keep your camera, phone, car keys, credit card and any other valuables safe from water and thieves while at the beach or on vacation

-Requires a combination to get into your vacation vault that you can reset whenever you would like

-Priced at $29.95 and available at


Waka-Waka Power- the WakaWaka Power is a solar phone charger & light and is hailed as the “iPhone of solar power”

-In just one day in the sun, a WakaWaka can fully charge your smartphone (and all types of portable devices) or can also shine 150 hours of light as a flashlight

-WakaWaka is great for traveling and on the beach or pool however it has also helped in many emergencies or disasters for those that might have been without electricity for some time, like Hurricane Sandy

-Also if you buy one WakaWaka, you give one to a family living in the dark in need of light and power

-Priced at $79.00 and is available at

Life Proof Phone Case- This phone case is water, dirt, snow and shock proof.

-You can drop your phone in water, dirt, mud, snow or onto a hard surface and it will be completely fine

-The Life Proof also has cases for your iPad, iPod and the Galaxy

-Priced at $79.99 and is available at as well as retail stores such as Best Buy, Target, Apple, etc.


Liquid Image Hydra Series Camera Mask- A camera mask used snorkeling or scuba diving to 130 ft deep.

-With this mask you can capture what you see, with the camera built in above the eyes

-It takes HD photos or videos hands free. All you do is turn it on, select your mode whether it be video or continuous photo mode, press the shutter button and go!

-Priced at $119.99 and is available at


Water Fi Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite- Completely waterproof down to 210 feet

-You can read in the bath, pool, sauna, or at the beach

-Easily rinse off spills, sand, food and grease

-Rechargeable battery life of 8 weeks!

-Priced at $239.99 on

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