Russian daredevil climbs Brooklyn Bridge ‘for fun’

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Yaroslav Kolchin came to America to take in the sights.

A front row seat before a judge in Brooklyn wasn't on his itinerary.

Nonetheless, that is the latest stop on his American tour. The 24-year-old Russian is facing charges of reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, and multiple counts of trespassing after NYPD caught him scaling the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday. "Officers received multiple calls of the individual ascending the wires of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The defendant was observed by the officer on top of the Brooklyn side tower which is approximately 276 feet high," said the prosecutor for the Kings County DA's office.

However the question remains, why exactly did he scale the Brooklyn Bridge? The NYPD and prosecutor had this simple explanation: "The defendant did it for fun."

Aerial antics on the Brooklyn Bridge is not viewed as fun by the NYPD. There was the infamous Spider-Man case where a man slid off the bridge using a hose back on July 4, 2013.  Then just last month American flags were replaced with white flags after a middle-of-the-night switch-out.  Kolchin's public defender, Paul Liu, did not have much to offer outside the courtroom after the appearance  However, Liu did try and convince the judge to release his client without bail and allow him to keep his passport. "He is not a flight risk judge, because he simply has no way to leave this country without his passport."

Robert Rickett, says he was a cellmate of Kolchin, "His thing was that in Russia that was normal.  A person interested in climbing would do something like that.  He meant no harm."

Rickett who was released shortly before Kolchin's appearance, said that the Russian -- who works in advertising -- boasted about climbing elsewhere in the U.S., "He said he performed in one of the tall buildings in Chicago."

Coincidentally, Kolchin did go before the judge in a sweatshirt that read Chicago.  Additionally, a cross-check of his name on social media produced an image of a handstand off the sky deck in Chicago.

Kolchin is expected back in court on Friday.

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