Remarkable video shows moment boy survives being run over by SUV

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HONG KONG (CNN/PIX11) – A family is stunned by their good fortune after a 6-year-old boy survived getting run over by a sport-utility vehicle in China.

The country’s state-run TV reports that the boy was playing with his toys in the street near his family’s driveway when a red SUV rolled over him. For a few seconds, he disappears from view then emerges from beneath the car, stands up and walks away, gripping his back.

He suffered minor scratches to his face and legs.

Surveillance cameras captured the breath-taking moments.

“I cried when I saw the video,” the boy’s father said. “He was so lucky to have survived.”

Police said the boy’s small size, the SUV’s height and the position of the boy between the wheels all contributed to his seemingly miraculous survival.

Authorities tracked down the driver, who lives in the neighborhood and said they didn’t see the boy let alone known they ran him over.