A train operator drove wrong way with passengers onboard

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- On August 11, some unsuspecting straphangers went for an unexpected ride.

An 'A' train pulled into the Canal Street station on its way to Brooklyn. But because of track congestion, the train operator was told to let passengers off, turn around, and begin service going uptown. And the operator went back uptown -- but in the wrong direction on a downtown track.

"It's scary to know that could happen. They seem so well coordinated but everyday little things happen. But that's a big a big deal," said Willie Gambucci.

Once dispatch realized what was going on, they tried to reach the conductor, but had no luck. That train rolled the wrong way for several minutes.

It went past the local Spring Street station and finally came to a rest just before the West 4th Street, when that 'A' train operator saw the headlights of another train.

"After that incident people will be more aware. The driver will be more aware and the mta will be more aware," said one commuter.

In a statement to PIX11, the MTA said, "There was never any danger of a collision. All other trains on the line were held in their stations, and the incident train was moving under restricted speed with extreme caution."

Still, it didn't sit well with most riders.

"It shows that they keep asking for more money and they keep messing up," one rider said.

The train operator and conductor have been placed on desk duty pending an investigation.


  • Chinky Starr

    The funny thing is I always thought about that happening I usually think outside the box and wonder if they can really make mistakes like that I see it can happen. I wonder what the extra money was used for it couldn’t been for training.

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