Thousands pour onto Staten Island for peaceful march in Eric Garner’s memory

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TOMPKINSVILLE, Staten Island (PIX11) -- Marchers, starting at the intersection where Garner was first confronted by police, walked behind a banner that said “We Will Not Go Back," March for Justice.

”Many in the crowd carried signs. Some said: “Police the NYPD” or “RIP Eric Garner.” But the most popular signs were “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” which emerged during protests in Missouri over the police killing of Michael Brown, and “I can’t breathe,” Garner’s last known words.

With heavy hearts and a strong message.

The crowd headed on Bay Street to the Staten Island DA'S office.

They came from all over the country, all walks of life.

Unified in peace and in honor of Garner and so many others.

For the first time the family talks about the EMS workers involved in the case, how they treated Garner when he was down on the ground.

"They did not help him, give him first aid or anything," Snipes-Garner said.

The focus of this Rally and march is to bring about change within the NYPD, get the officer who put Garner in a choke hold in front of a judge.

The family sees that as justice.

The day started with buses dropping people off at same location where Garner died, the sight of such a large crowd was bitter sweet for some.

Even brought one man man to tears.

Ramarley Grahams parents also attend and said they are reliving what happened to their son two years ago.

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