Shop owner furious as business is robbed 3 times by same suspects

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MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) -- Mandeep Kumar is exasperated beyond belief.

His store, BC Wireless, on Madison Avenue near 36th Street was just robbed for the third time and take a look at how clear the surveillance video is.

Two women can be seen, one waving a gun, as they start kicking in the glass counters.

When they have successfully smashed through, they begin loading up shopping bags of what's believed to be thousands of dollars in the laptops and cell phones.

The store owners sister-in-law was so scared, hiding behind bulletproof glass, she could barely talk an hour after the brazen pair made their getaway.

"It was so scary, I was so frightened," she said, fighting back tears.

This is the third robbery of this store since May all by the same group, according to the store owner who showed PIX11 the picture of the alleged ring leader.

Right outside BC Wireless is a Crime Stopper poster offering $2,000 reward for the arrest of the man who allegedly robbed the store of at least $48,000 worth of cellphones and laptops on July 30th.

"Police said they would make an arrest," Mandeep Kumar told PIX11. "Three times. No arrest."

This time one of the female robbers even dropped her drivers license.

But still the store owner doubts the NYPD will do the job and make any arrests.

Neighbors are fearful as well.

"We all want to be safe in Murray Hill," Rae Blum said.


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