Rapper Joe Budden accused of beating ex-girlfriend, stealing cell phone

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Police say rapper Joe Budden beat his girlfriend and stole her cell phone. (DCPI)

Police say rapper Joe Budden beat his girlfriend and stole her cell phone. (DCPI)

NEW YORK (AP/PIX11) — A rap and reality television star is lashing out at police who say he’s wanted for roughing up his ex-girlfriend and stealing her cellphone.

Joe Budden directed his ire at the New York Police Department via Twitter on Saturday after it sent out his picture and asked the public for help tracking him down.

In one expletive-punctuated tweet, the 33-year-old city native says he’s going to sue. In another, he tells the NYPD’s account to alert the “Man hunt” that he’ll be at an Astoria strip club Saturday night.

Budden has been active on his Instagram account posting a photo with his dogs saying “I’m protected.”

Police say the “Love & Hip Hop” star snatched the phone and twisted his ex-girlfriend’s arm during a dispute in his car early Monday in Manhattan.

“Messy break ups are so.. Well .. Messy,” Budden tweeted on Thursday.

The Daily News reports that Budden’s rage was sparked when he saw pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Instagram with other men.

Budden didn’t immediately return an email. His latest album is “All Love Lost.”


  • jessicajonesmba

    Twisting someone’s arm is not beating them. Yes, it is wrong; but your headline completely deceives readers about the story. What happened to honest and ethical reporting? Your headline should be changed to accurately depict the contents of your story.

    • Strategic Genius

      PIX needs to update the contents to say that he beat this woman the way the headline leads you to believe, because the contents say he twisted her arm; or update the headline to reflect the contents. Either way, this article is mismatched between the headline and the contents. This is not good reporting.

  • Deniel Kicke

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  • your sista in the struggle

    In light of the recent actions of police brutality
    with Black men why would Joe Budden taunt the police. Instead of saying let the man hunt begin why not be man enough and turn yourself in so this doesn’t turn out bad for you and NYPD. Do you not watch the news, come on black man put the emotions aside…..THINK

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