Police mistakenly pull over mother at gunpoint with 4 young kids in car

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FORNEY, Texas (PIX11) — Police accidentally pulled over a young mother at gunpoint and handcuffed her while her four children under the age of 10 were in the car.

Police admit they made a mistake but refuse to apologize for the incident that was caught on the officer’s dash cam video.

Kemetra Barbour said she was driving with her children when she was suddenly stopped and surrounded by police at gunpoint.

Kemetra Barbour was pulled over at gunpoint and handcuffed while her four young children were in the car. (Photo: YouTube via WFAA)

Kemetra Barbour was pulled over at gunpoint and handcuffed while her four young children were in the car. (Photo: YouTube via WFAA)

She said she was told to get out of the car and to put her hands over her head. An officer then handcuffed her in front of her children.

Police said Barbour was stopped in response to a 911 call reporting four people waving a gun out of a window of a beige or tan Toyota, despite that she was driving a red Nissan Maxima.

The officers knew they’d made a mistake when Barbour’s 6-year-old son emerged from the car with his hands up, according to the police report. Officers then tried to calm down her terrified children.

The Forney Police Department told WFAA that officers responded appropriately to what was believed to be a dangerous situation.



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  • ken aldrich

    This is assinine, so,WHY won’t police apologize again? They claimed they made a huge mistake, is it THAT HARD to say you’re sorry? Why? Because saying that would mean an EASIER TIME IN COURT FOR HER LAWYER TO SUE THEM? THATS GOING TO HAPPEN ANYHOW SO WHY NOT JUST op apologize ?

  • ken aldrich

    Let’s face it the police in this country have grown power hungry and power crazy or closer to the truth? Out of control I’m getting sick of these jack boot assholes theyre turning out on us these days..it needs to stop or at least tone down a few hundred notches..this is crazy now

    • kal

      Omfg now the negros gonna think its a race thing again.. people made mistakes. I once got pull over and guns were drawn on me. Because someone had call the police about a shooting. I was followed by a police car from one city to another, he never turn on his lights. Until i exited the freeway theres 5 police car behind me and guns drawn. They order me out of the car hands up and hand cuffed. After 5 mins of questioning and i told them my girlfriend is in the car too that i just met. Im taking her home at the moment. They told me some call about a grey car shooting a gun out of it. I drove a black honda and it was at night. I was pulled over during a raining night too. I wasnt that upset or thought it was anything racial. I just let them do their job and be on my way. When i was young and live in a communitu full of gangs, they always thought i was a ganster too, i did hang with some gangsters but i still never feel that they did anything wrong. Its part of their job to figure out who you are and there is a little stereotype but thats because of their previous encounters and the community i was in. If you just let them do their job, they will respect you. Hell i got pulled over twice while drunk and chewing gum. I try to stay calm and speak nicely and let him ask me what he wanted and gave hkm my id. All they do is gave me warni gs for my lights not being properly on.

      • jaye4111

        Let’s see. Car doesn’t match. People in the car didn’t match.
        Oh, except for the fact that they were black.
        Yeah, it wasn’t about race.
        Another knucklehead.

  • Jose Andrade

    I heard the officer apologize at 4:06 and it seems again at 5:07. While this is mistaken identity sucks and as a father I would lose it if it were me or the mother of my kids. However it was an honest mistake and I feel the officers acted respectfully once they realized the mistake. I mean if a call of that nature comes in that includes a gun on a public highway and a car matches the description, what do you expect anyone to do but investigate? There is enough racism and volatility around real incidents than to irresponsibly repost the refusal to apologize as I heard it clearly. Cut the sensationaly rage mongering. We don’t need any more of it especially under unfounded reports!

  • Dana Whidbee

    The officer did apologize, but I can’t understand why this vehicle was pulled over if the following is known….

    “Police said Barbour was stopped in response to a 911 call reporting four people waiving a gun out of a window of a beige or tan Toyota, despite that she was driving a red Nissan Maxima.”

    This is what I have a problem with.



  • Joanne

    No point in trying to teach those kids about “friend policeman.” So if Forney’s police dept. can’t get a vehicle description right, can’t get a suspect gender right, or even a reasonable accounting of the passengers right, why are they policemen? Who are these guys, Larry, Curly, and Moe? I guess we should be thankful they didn’t shoot the child! What was accidental about this scenario? If it is truly an accident, why such a lack of integrity that they refuse to apologize?

  • Netney Annette

    This just doesn’t make any sense. The description was for 4 black males in a tan or beige Toyota, not a female with children in a Red Nissan Maxima. How is what this officer saying ANYWHERE near the description given by dispatch? Not one single officer stopped to say hey this isn’t the description we were given.

  • Dee Williams

    What if this was a prank call,what if one of the kids would have been shot or hit by a passing car.How would you feel if that was your wife or kids in that car.Is this what we need to teach our kids in pre-school, “HANDS UP,DON’T SHOOT”

  • James Wedgeworth

    A mistake?? They made a mistake?? Seriously ?? What happens to use if WE make a ” mistake “?? I am getting sick and tired of hearing ” they acted appropriately “, really?? So a Tan Toyota car looks like a Red Nissan Van?? What a load of horse crap!! I think it’s time to start drug testing all the pigs and besides, Forney cops are so crooked they will have to screw them in the ground! What a bunch of idiots! Idiots plain and simple.

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