Fundraiser for 2-year-old amputee Kayden Kinckle helps pay off medical bills

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HACKENSACK, N.J. (PIX11) -- He got it and now we all got it, too.

Inspiration from a little two-year-old boy Kayden Kinckle who wouldn't let his physical challenges, including an amputated left leg and right foot, hold him back from learning to walk.

"We are just so touched by this outpouring of love and support," Kayden's mother, Nikki Kinckle, told PIX11.

The Logan Family Center of Mount Olive Baptist Church was packed with supporters who bought tickets, T-shirts and bracelets to help the Kinckle family pay Kayden's huge medical bills.

They chanted "go Kayden, go Kayden," as the little boy appeared in a tuxedo and top hat.

So far, the Kinckle family has surpassed their goal of $50,000 by at least $25,000. Tonight they have a check for $250 to another family who has. Child with challenges.

Kayden's father said they are facing a lifetime of medical bills for Kayden so donations are always welcome.

Kayden was born with a medical condition that caused his liver and bladder to grow outside of his body.

After multiple surgeries and amputations, his mother posted a clip of him learning to walk with a walker on YouTube in hopes of raising money for his medical expenses.

It catapulted him to viral video stardom, making Kayden the poster child for inspiration, teaching us all that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

"He can do it," his beaming aunt, Jade Stone told PIX11,"there's nothing he can 't do. Nothing stopping him. Nothing."

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