Man says he purposely broke ‘pay-it-forward’ chain spanning over 750 people

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SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. (CNN/PIX11) -- A Florida blogger is taking credit for breaking a pay-it-forward chain that linked more than 750 strangers at a Starbucks for nearly two days.

"In case any of you are caught up in the Pay It Forward baloney at Starbucks. I just drove through the line, bought a venti mocha frap AND DID NOT PAY IT FORWARD. The chain is broken and this silliness should stop. (P.S. I tipped the baristas $100, just so you can't call me a grinch.)," Peter Schorsch posted on his Facebook account.

In a post on his website Schorsch wrote, "customers were being told that they had had their drink paid for and then asked would they like to pay for the drink of the person next in line. That's not generosity, that's guilt."

The chain reportedly began Wednesday morning when a woman in her 60s offered to buy coffee for the car behind her, a store employee told Bay News 9.

"It was a pleasant surprise," said one customer. "Everyone likes their coffee paid for. So it was nice."

"There were some stops and starts to it since it started yesterday (Wednesday) morning at 7 a.m., but I do know it originally started through a customer," said Starbucks spokesperson Linda Mills.

Participant Lucy Ramone went through the line twice on Wednesday.

"I was number 57 this morning," Ramone said to the drive-through barista, according to Bay News 9. "What number am I now?" Ramone asked the barista.

"Number 297!"

Ramone raised her hands in victory. She had brought her son as a passenger to experience the second round of beverages. "I think it just puts a smile on people's face," she said.

"We are greatly humbled by the generosity of our customers and store partners in the organic Pay if Forward movement happening in St. Petersburg, Florida," said Mills. "It's truly a testament to the goodwill of our customers and our store team." Mills said participation was voluntary.

"More than 750 people have participated in it at this one store, which is so amazing to see. Naturally, not everyone chose to participate, which is completely fine," Mills said.


  • psyntax

    Please stop giving this guy publicity. He has done nothing heroic, he really just wants attention brought to his own blog… So he doesn’t believe that people would want to do a good thing, and this is newsworthy because?

    • Brian

      This guy is obviously just an idiot. He paid for his coffee so the next person still got their drink free. No chain was broken . He just proved he was nothing but a dumb jerk. What a moron. Maybe he should just ride the bus and stay home to write his stupid blog. Get a life scumbag.

  • Munch Hausen

    This guy is a HERO. He’s 100% right: “That’s not generosity, that’s guilt.”

    These “Pay it Forward” evens are not charity, since you receive ONE DRINK and PAY FOR ONE DRINK! You are not paying anything forward you idiots!

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