Watch: Playful whale scares kids at Mystic Aquarium

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MYSTIC, Conn. (PIX11) – Connecticut is home to a whale with a gigantic sense of humor.

Visitors to Mystic Aquarium caught a beluga whale on camera putting on a special show just for three thrilled kids.

Its hilarious antics start 44 seconds into a YouTube video posted Aug. 15 by Michelle Cotton.

The huge creature starts by pressing its head against the glass. Then it swims down to the kids’ level and opens its mouth wide as it juts toward the glass, a move that sends the children scurrying away from the glass as they squeal and laugh.

When the kids slowly approach the glass again, the whale puts on an encore presentation. And then he does it again, and again.

At one point, the whale even fakes out the children.

Mystic is home to one of the largest outdoor beluga whale exhibits in the U.S.

This beluga’s sense of humor seems to match his size. On average, beluga whales can grow to between 13 and 16 feet and weight more than 3,100 pounds.

They’re native to Arctic Ocean and its adjoining seas near Russia, Greenland and North America, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

During certain times of the year, belugas can be found in large rivers and seem to thrive in both cold ocean and warm freshwater habitats, the agency said.


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  • za

    I love how you guys title the story “Whale scares kids” So dramatic! If you’re article says the whale was playing, why would you title it “scares?” Typical “get a rise out of you” journalism.

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