Parents keep ‘treasure room’ secret for years — until boy’s birthday

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CALIFORNIA (PIX11) — A California couple transformed a storage space into a “secret treasure room” for their son’s 4th birthday.

For two years, the couple kept the renovation a secret from their young son. When they bought their house two years ago, they found that their son’s bedroom had an easily-concealable storage room attached to it.

Being that their son was only two years old when they first moved in, he never noticed the neglected space. The couple decided to transform the triangular storage area into a “secret treasure room.”

“We didn’t figure a 2-year-old needed an extra room, but we agreed it would make an awesome surprise for The Boy at some point,” his mother Sarah Goer wrote on her blog.  “So the dresser was parked in front of the door and The Boy had no idea for over two years!”

When the he turned three, the parents decided to complete the renovation in time for his 4th birthday.

They hired a contractor and furnished the room with a table, chairs and a world map they’ve been meaning to hang up.

On their son’s fourth birthday, the parents staged a treasure hunt for their boy to find his new room. When he did, the boy was ecstatic and said he would show it to everybody.

The boy’s mom, Sarah Goer, told Fox 8 News her son loves to read in the secret room. Glow in the dark stars have since been added to the room’s ceiling.


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