EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn author says NYPD used excessive force during arrest

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- August 2 was supposed to be a time to celebrate on Chauncey Street in Bedford Stuyvesant according to Eli Brown. "It was my 2-year-old nephew's birthday party in my front yard."

However, within an hour of singing happy birthday, the scene turned to one of chaos.

The 27-year-old school administrator was cuffed by NYPD officers out of the 73rd Precinct for resisting arrest and obstruction of government administration in the second degree. "I was thrown on the floor, punched in my ribs by a officers, they had their hands on my neck, my neck was pressed against the concrete and one of the officers had his knee in my back."

The video shot by a neighbor and attained by PIX11 News is disturbing to Brown for several reasons.

"I'm an author. I have a published book and I read an excerpt from my book to children in the New York City Explorers, that's a mentorship program at the 73rd Precinct."

"I pride myself in never having an arrest record in my life, but that day I was arrested and I felt like I was less than a human being," Brown said of the now dismissed charges.

Brown wasn't the only one arrested that night. His father Tony, along with two family members who work in law enforcement, were collared as well.

Tony asked an NYPD sergeant why he was screaming at his daughter for asking questions after she clearly indicated that she was in law enforcement. "For asking a question, that is why I was knocked to the ground and handcuffed and locked up for a day-and-a-half."

"I mean we're the good guys.  We're the ones that take pride in our community," Tony said about his one and only arrest.

It is important to note that all of the charges have been dismissed.  The younger Brown showed up to the Public Advocate's office Thursday morning to try and get his story out after a news conference to encourage cameras on police officers in precincts like the 73rd.  Brown was asked to leave, after a staffer told PIX11 News that he was not invited.

Brown's attorney Sean Rooney is out of state until next week, but did issue the following statement to PIX 11 News:

"Elijah Brown was wrongfully arrested and assaulted for protesting the unjust and violent treatment and arrest of his father Anthony Brown by two rogue police officers. The video of the incident highlights the injustice and excessive force used by the Police. Anthony and Elijah Brown will be filing a claim shortly against the NYPD for violation of their Civil Rights."


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