Holder visits Ferguson amid federal probe into Michael Brown death

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FERGUSON, Mo. (PIX11) - If the return of St. Louis Barbeque to West Florissant Avenue early Wednesday afternoon is any indication - then peace may be returning to Ferguson, Missouri on the day that Attorney General Eric Holder arrived.

Holder traveled to Ferguson to check in on the ongoing investigation into the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown -- the equivalent of the sheriff riding in ahead of the cavalry for many black residents.

Holder’s presence, resident Lennil Johnson says, is a step in the right direction.

“The tone has changed between black and white police officers especially since the arrival of Eric Holder, the attorney general,” said Johnson.

Holder met with community leaders, students and members of Michael Brown’s family.

The optimistic atmosphere that General Holder witnessed has - for most part - been a part of life here recently, at least when the sun is up.

The problem is what happens after dark when the troublemakers do their best to blend into the otherwise peaceful crowd.

It’s a familiar pattern.

Bottles are launched at the officers, and they respond with tear gas for everyone.

That was then, most hope, and this is now.

Lennil Johnson’s wants Ferguson to move forward with the AG's help, and let the Michael Brown investigation unfold -- peacefully.

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