EXCLUSIVE: Man reunites with stranger who saved his life on LIRR train

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BETHPAGE, Long Island (PIX11) --Margaret Marshall was thrilled to meet the man who saved her husband's life.

"We've been hugging all day!"

Bill Gerow was on his way home on the 5:53 train out of Penn Station Thursday night when Chris Marshall went into cardiac arrest.

Gerow sprung into action and started performing CPR in the aisle of the train.

At the next stop, EMT'S boarded the train and whisked Marshall away to the hospital.  Gerow quietly got off at the next stop and went home.

Saturday on PIX11, Margaret pleaded for the hero to come forward.  On Sunday Gerow met Margaret and Chris in the hospital.

"It feels good," Gerow told PIX11.  Gerow said he learned CPR 37 years ago as a boyscout. "This was the first time I ever used it."

Doctors say Gerow saved Chris' life.  Marshall is expected to make a full recovery.


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