Woman looks to thank good Samaritan who saved her husband’s life on LIRR

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BETHPAGE, N.Y. (PIX11) -- There's a guardian angel out there who helped save a man's life and right now there's a woman from Ronkonkoma who wants to find him and give him the biggest possible thank you.

"I really want to give him a big hug and say thank you," Margaret Thompson Marshall told PIX11. "He saved my husband, the father of my children."

Chris Marshall went into cardiac arrest on the 5:53 Ronkonkoma-bound Long Island Rail Road train Thursday evening and according to his wife, an unidentified man immediately and continually administered CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until the train pulled into the first possible train station in Bethpage.

That's where paramedics rushed Chris Marshall to St. Joseph Hospital where he is recovering nicely, now out of the critical care unit.

"The doctors have said whoever was giving him CPR knew how to do it correctly," Marshall said." And they say he must've started CPR on Chris immediately."

Marshall says her husband, a vice president at Morgan Stanley, had quintuple bypass three years ago and had just celebrated his 60th birthday with his son daughter and wife of the past 33 years.

And now that wife wants to say thank you to the stranger who saved her husband's life.

"I want him to know that Chris is doing okay and that he saved a life," Marshall added.

Chris Marshall blacked out for a at least 30 minutes and has no memory of the stranger who came to his aid. His wife has been back to the Bethpage train station and has looked at the police report. She has not be able to find any information on the identity of the man she calls her husband's guardian angel.