Long Island community in uproar over proposal to house immigrant children

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(Photo: Wikipedia photo of the border between U.S. and Mexico.)

COMMACK, N.Y. (AP) — A proposal to house some of the thousands of immigrant children illegally crossing into the United States from Mexico is causing an uproar in one Long Island community.

The Rev. Dennis Walker says Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Commack would be able to pay off debts and create jobs if it took in about 40 children. The federal government would cover the cost of preparing, operating and staffing the facilities.

Exact details of the proposal have yet to be announced, or approved by the church.

But some neighbors are rallying to fight the proposal. Retiree Jerry Baggetta says there are better alternatives for the children.

Walker insists misinformation is fueling community opposition. He says about 40 children, 4 to 17, would be housed at the church.


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  • Deport Illegals

    What the corrupt and subversive Obama regime won’t be covering is the cost of educating, medicating, and incarcerating these ILLEGAL ALIEN parasites. All Americans will.

    Enough is enough. Deport them.

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