Undocumented children may be housed at Long Island church

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COMMACK, N.Y. (PIX11) -- A local newspaper article and social media is all the information Commack residents seem to be going on.

Rumors and gossip are running wild about what may be coming into the Holy Cross Lutheran Church, right in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood.

A discussion on a national level is taking place about what to do about countless innocent children entering the United States illegally without their parents.  One federal solution is to temporarily shelter these children and it turns out, the Lutheran Church may end up being one possible location, but not because the federal government sought it out.

According to Congressman Steve Israel's office,  "Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Commack contacted the Department of Health and Human Services about volunteering under an open application to provide shelter for these children short-term."

Aside from the statement, Congressman Israel's office said he too has been provided little information.  Local town officials said they know practically nothing -- which explains why residents have so many questions.

The Health and Human Services Department, however, cleared up a lot of the misinformation:

These shelters house children only temporarily.  There is minimal impact to local residents and no taxpayer burden because it is funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement.  Children will not be enrolled in the local school system and according to the CDC, these children are not a health risk.

PIX11 did reach out to the church, but did not receive a call back.