President Obama vows to see that ‘justice is done’ in Missouri

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MARTHA'S VINEYARD (PIX11) - President Barack Obama vowed to fully investigate the death of Michael Brown in Missouri, but warned that his shooting is not an excuse for any illegal activity -- by protesters or police. Obama pledged to maintain an "open and transparent process" and has designated a team to figure out what happened Saturday when Ferguson officers shot Brown to death during a stop.The shooting sparked ongoing protests, looting, violence, the arrests of journalists and the declaration of a no-fly zone over Ferguson after reports of people shooting at helicopters.

Obama urged calm, and reminded authorities, “In the Unites States, police should not be bullying or arresting journalists doing their jobs." On Wednesday night reporters on the scene relayed a surreal scene with violence "like a scene out of another country," according to CNN.  "They are now firing into the crowd," a KARG Argus Radio correspondent said as police tried to disperse a crowd of protesters.  "They're attacking reporters, they are attacking civilians.  They are firing up on the media." President Obama asked Americans to try to find a way to move forward, saying, "Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson."


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