Police: Drunken dad caught with baby unbuckled and liquor bottle in car seat

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Atlanta, GA (WGCL) — A father ended up in handcuffs after an unusual call.

Henry County police received a call from a driver saying a man was slumped over in his running car at a green light at about 5:30 Saturday morning.

When police arrived to the scene at the I-75S exit ramp at Jodeco Road in McDonough, they found 39-year-old Robert Eugene Mobley asleep at the wheel. The light was green and the caller said he sat behind Mobley for several cycles at the traffic light before getting out to check on the man.

Mobley had his foot on the brake and his Nissan Pathfinder was in drive.

In the passenger seat was a 2-year-old boy, without a car seat or seatbelt.

In the backseat was a car seat cradling a bottle of whiskey, according to police.

The officer knocked on the driver side window several times before Mobley woke up. When he did awaken, he turned off the car and took his foot off the brake, which caused the vehicle to roll backwards. The officer told Mobley to put the car in park and he did.

When the officer approached the SUV, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol. He asked Mobley if he was OK. The father rubbed his son’s head and said yes.

When asked for his license, Mobley told the officer it had been suspended just about three weeks earlier for DUI. He also told the officer he already completed the course you take after your first DUI.

The officer asked where Mobley was coming from and at first, he said from his son’s mother’s house and they were headed home. He also told the officer he had just one beer about an hour before.

After performing poorly on the field sobriety tests, the officer again asked Mobley where he was coming from and if he had been drinking somewhere else. This time Mobley said he was coming from his brother-in-law’s and the two had been drinking at a bar in DeKalb County.

The officer arrested Mobley and charged him with DUI.

He was taken to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office where a detention officer reportedly found a small red baggy containing a white, powdery substance. Mobley told the officer that it was cocaine.

Mobley was charged with two counts of DUI including one for child endangerment and possession of cocaine.