Long Island’s South Shore slowly recovers from surprise storm

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ISLIP, Long Island (PIX11) -- In parts of the South Shore on Thursday, they were simply letting nature run it its course as remnants of Wednesday's flood flowed into grates and sewers.

The mantra for many was simple: "This is Long Island you know... we've got to be tough," said the owner of a local bagel shop.

The images of residents in kayaks and an automotive graveyard anchored in four-feet of water along Moffit Boulevard were never before seen.  They are also images that will not soon be forgotten.

Several homes and fences were left with permanent markers from the flood. Watermarks we also on the back of seats from flooded-out cars.

At sunrise, the state began rolling in assistance. Those impacted had simply one request: "I hope someone steps in and helps us."

By midday, those who had waited a few hours at a makeshift emergency center at the Islip Town Hall West building realized that help wouldn't be coming anytime soon.

"Homeowners insurance does not cover a flood and this was considered a flood, so until the Federal Government comes in, possibility, otherwise not too much," Deborah Billings said.

Resident Nicole Mogil, after her meeting, said: "They made it sound hopeful that if FEMA does come through that we may be eligible for some grants or further assistance."

Late in the afternoon, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer visited the area and met with local officials. The senior senator from New York inspected a sink hole in a Bay Shore neighborhood, then pledged that federal support would come.

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