Innovative health tips to improve overall well-being

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(PIX11) -- What are some breakthroughs that could change your life?

The health editor from "O" magazine, Jihan Thompson, stops by with some exciting innovations that will help you understand and improve your overall well-being.

Farmer’s Fridge

  • A typical vending machine snack can pack 245 calories and a whopping 14 grams of fat
  • The Farmer’s Fridge is a refrigerated vending machine that sells selections like kale salad, hummus with veggies and Greek yogurt with berries
  • Ingredients are carefully layered in a BPA-free plastic jar formulated to let in less oxygen, which keeps the produce fresh longer
  • Anything not sold by the end of the day is donated to local food pantries
  • This is currently only available in Chicago but will go national later this year – check for updates



  • Breakthrough is an online therapy site that connects patients with therapists for video sessions
  • Web therapy has the potential to extend care to the 59% of mentally ill Americans who don’t receive treatment and according to a study, it may be just as beneficial as traditional therapy
  • When a client has deep depression, it can be exhausting to get dressed and drive to a therapists office, sit through the session and then drive home
  • It’s easier to convince people to get help when all they have to do is log on from their living room



  • An estimated 30% of women have at some point suffered a migraine and while there’s no cure, there is now an FDA-approved topical device for preventing headaches
  • Cefaly is a drug free, Star-Trek looking headpiece that treats migraine pain with neurostimulation
  • It targets the trigeminal nerve where migraine headaches start and the treatment changes the trigger threshold of migraine headaches
  • As the pain threshold becomes harder to reach, migraine headaches are less frequent and less painful
  • Retails for $299



  • Organize is a non-profit that aims to create a searchable central registry for organ donors, allowing states to easily locate donors around the country
  • Nearly 123,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant right now and each day an average of 18 people die before their names can be called because we don’t have enough donors
  • The current registry is disjointed, with each state operating a separate database that can make organ procurement difficult across state lines
  • Organize has the potential to save a lot of lives and will minimize the number of organ donations that go unused
  • It’s still rolling out nationwide but visit to register now