Man hangs ISIS-associated flag outside NJ home

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GARWOOD, NJ (PIX11) -- A New Jersey man has raised a flag that is causing concern among his neighbors.

The man recently hung what some neighbors called an ISIS flag outside his home in Garwood. When a picture was posted onto Twitter, neighbors on Winslow Place called the police.

The flag, which is used by an Islamic extremist group responsible for violence in Iraq, has since been removed from display. Even so, neighbors still wonder why the flag was there to begin with.

PIX11 has confirmed the flag was on display at the home for at least three weeks.

The man told that he has flown the flag outside his home during Ramadan and on Fridays for about 10 years. It has never been a problem, he said, until a photo of it was posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

"I understand now that people turn on CNN and see the flag associated with jihad, but that's not the intention of that flag at all," he told the website. The man explained that the writing on the flag reads, "There is only one god, Allah, and the prophet Muhammad is his messenger."

"It's not meant to be a symbol of hate. Islam is all about unity and peace. I am not a part of any group like that, and I'm not anti-American. I love my country, but I am a Muslim," he said.

Retired Jersey City police officer Ed Bergin, who lives doors away from the home said, "I just hope the authorities handle it from here."

"For a man to fly a flag like that, authorities have to get involved in it," Bergin said.

The man says he's hesitant to fly the flag now because of all the controversy.

"I would love to fly it again on Friday. I hope this situation goes away," he said.


  • Buzz

    However, if a Veteran down the street hangs a U.S. flag from his porch and the Muslim guy is insulted, the Vet will be required to take it down.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

      • caligula

        LOL. tracy’s idiotic comment doesn’t even make sense.
        this is the mind of a liberal, folks. take a good look. funny, ain’t it?

      • V. Uil

        Are you stupid or just willfully ignorant of ISIS – an organization that has nothing to do with Putin?

    • al

      Yes, and if you were to hang a confederate flag next to the home of a black family an angry Rev.Al Sharpton will show up at your front door!

      • Jordan

        Not in the last 150 years, even with all the religious extremist terrorist attacks combined, that doesn’t come close to the number of people killed in mass genocides committed by atheist dictators. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao caused the deaths of more than 117 MILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century. It doesn’t matter what you believe religiously or non religiously, people need to STOP violently forcing their beliefs on others. These ISIS tyrannical oppressors need to be vanquished, the people of Iraq deserve God given rights to liberty and happiness. We never should have invaded Iraq in the first place, but Obama and everyone demanding the troops come home caused this mess.

  • Me

    So, Islam stands for Peace & Unity. Who knew?? Thanks for the clarification. We’ll be sure to communicate that to the all of the victims of their “Peace & Unity” movement around the world. Never forget 9/11!

      • HarveyMushman

        Please give some examples of Christians committing mass executions currently anywhere in the world….or just any examples of Christians currently repressing any other religion….

    • al

      George Carlin nailed it when he said that Religion (in general) is responsible for most of mankind’s death and destruction

      • geeshim

        Atheists still hold the record, almost all of it in the 20th century, whereas you have to go back over multiple centuries to get sizable numbers due anything done in the name of Christianity. And don’t lie and mention the Crusades – they were defensive, they were limited in scope and purpose, and the West grew up and got over it. “They” didn’t”.

  • RalphN

    That flag is offensive. No matter what it says, it’s the flag of these blood-thirsty terrorists and needs to be removed. The owner is full of it.

    • Howdy

      The first amendment protects offensive material for him just as it does for you.
      Equal protection under the law. If you get to enjoy free speech, so does he.

      • Kebab_Hunter

        You do not have the right to voice support for terrorism, however. This is not hate speech that is protected by the First Amendment. This is speech that incites sectarian, ethnic, and religious violence and has no place in this country. And that holds whether you are conservative or liberal.

        John Kerry actually said it right for once: “The ISIS is not worthy of diplomacy”

      • iratenate

        Just as you cannot yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, not everything “expressive” is protected by the First Amendment. Only a fool would think otherwise.

      • Meme

        So you can fly any flag you want to fly in the US? Tell that to the Southerners who were forced to take down the Confederate flag. Or the vets who are forced to take down Old Glory because the Neighborhood Association has rules. If the Confederate flag offends, you can be damned sure the ISIS flag offends even more.

      • Rick Hilton

        Meme, yes, you can fly any flag you want to fly in the US. Regarding the Confederate flag issue you raise, political correctness and politics has turned the ‘Stars and Bars’ flag into a symbol of racism. It’s sad that a minority of people, the Negros of this country, can manipulate things like things like this to make us white people all feel guilty of being white and southern. It’s an upside down world now, and this is what happens when you allow things to be the way they are. The Confederate flag is part of our history, like it or not.

      • Howdy

        KEBAB_HUNTER, nothing this man stated in defense of this display supports ISIS in any way whatsoever. You’re making up lies to support your hatred and stomp on his rights. The flag has flown for 10 years without incident, long before ISIS took it to stand as their own. To follow your logic, this man would need to be a prognosticator, and know that ISIS would one day raise this flag, and that he should raise it 10 years in advance to show support for them.
        Truly amazing what people will dream up to try to hide their bigotry.

      • Rationalist

        The Founding Fathers had no intention of allowing treasonous murdering subversives to hide under the wings of the Constitution. Some things are just wrong and the language of the Constitution was not meant to cover them.

      • Melissa

        Howdy: Be sure to say that when someone flashes you the swastika. Once known as a Hindu, Chinese, Native American, etc. sign of good… Just like that flag. 10 years ago terrorist pigs that should be drug out to the street and shot weren’t parading it around. And for those bringing up Christianity and comparing it to Muslims, have you people seen a doctor lately? Christianity has gone through over 2000 years of evolution, even allowing women to lead the church. Please tell me how this terrible, HATEFUL, and disgusting excuse for a religion has evolved for the better. Don’t worry, I’ll wait….

    • Damon

      Agreed, Once a symbol gets hijacked by a fanatical group…..It doesn’t really matter to the easily influenced sheeple what it stands for… think Nazi’s and the swatiza, it was a symbol of better meaning as well, yet we take them down from building built 250 years ago.

  • Howdy

    It bothers me that so many people in this country completely disregard the first amendment simply because someone else’s free speech is disagreeable to them. It bothers me even more that an OFFICER OF THE LAW disregards it, as quoted in this article.
    Listen folks, this is a free country. The fact that he can raise this flag is a testament to that freedom.
    Liberty and freedom mean we may not always get along or agree with one another.
    Trying to step on this man’s freedom of speech is EXACTLY the same type of discrimination as what ISIS is doing to Christians in Iraq. Though nobody has called for his head to be cut off yet… so we’re at least a bit more civil about it.
    Let the man be. It has been a non-issue for 10 years. Nothing has changed except perception, and that doesn’t negate his rights.

    • Steven

      Common sense and the ability has been lost Howdy. It is a sad day my friend.
      America no longer stands for freedom I’m afraid, unless your politician or a cop. It seems those people seem to have the freedom to take our away and we can do little if anything about it. Yes, a sad day in America that we have to worry about such things. I don’t blame folks for being concerned and keeping an eye on things, but it is truly most unfortunate.

    • Namey Name

      No, it’s NOT exactly the same kind of discrimination, it’s not even close. You even say so in your own comments. I’m not saying he should be forced to take it down, I’m saying I have the right to call him a POS for the way in which he’s chosen to exercise is free speech. That’s MY free speech, so deal with it.

      • Howdy

        I never said you couldn’t speak out against it. Your ability to debate the issue is the essence of free speech. What I am speaking out against is the call for legal action to be taken against him, as if he has committed a crime. It was a fair attempt at a straw man, but it failed.

    • Walter Ortiz

      In the words of the late Justice Holmes, this expression is a clear and present danger (the proverbial “FIRE!” in an unburning theater), don’t think it isn’t. The first amendment does NOT so clearly protect his ‘speech’……

      • Howdy

        There is no danger whatsoever. The flag has flown for 10 years with no danger. The fact that some distant group decided to use it bears no meaning on this man’s display of it. If there was no clear and present danger 5 or 10 years ago, there is none now. Stop moving the bar.

    • Malaka

      BTW howdy, its not the same thing, not even close. You sound like every other moronic liberal apologist. We ARE exceptional, and we are better. The fact that this guy has not been harrassed, threatend, beaten, or beheaded and his head left on a pole outside his house is proof of that. Regardless of what the flag meany last year, it means something now, so flying it has concequences, and rightly so. You still sporting your OJ Simpson Jersey at the Bills games. Get real, no one has harrassed this guy.

    • shannon

      It bothers me how insensative jerks like this guy and yourself think your freedom of speech somehow overrides not offending people and being an a-hole. Its called living in a society, amongst other people who can get offended at complete insensativity and ignorance of beliefs and religions. Just because I’m an athiest doesn’t mean I’m going to fly a god is not real flag on my porch because I know it would be insensative though it would be perfectly legal. So I hope you like your freedom of speech all by yourself because what kind of insensative a-hole like this has any friends? So have fun wearing your KKK garb holding your swastica and waiving your ISIS flag. Alone.

  • Dzhahongir

    1) Yes, 100% of speech must be allowed under 1st Amendment and the hate speech is the only one that needs protection (who cares if you say “I love daisies”?) 2) No, there’s no such thing as peaceful Islam. All Americans of Muslim origin must choose to be a good American or to be a good Muslim = Jihadi that must kill all the infidels. You cannot be both. Muslims must not obey “human made laws” starting with the Constitution.

  • Maynard Castille

    What is News about this ? Every time a terrorist within the U.S. attempts to help/aid an outside terrorist organization commit atrocity within America …it’s either A Black or Brown Muslim or Afro-American. Very , very few White people join up in sympathy with ISIS or Al queda.

  • Honest Abe

    I know everyone has the right to express themselves, but I would set fire to this mans house and kill him when he ran outside. Anyone this stupid doesn’t deserve to live, and certainly should never be allowed to breed.

    • DanielT

      Bit of an over-reaction don’t you think? Granted, his wisdom is questionable, but from all accounts he’s not a radical, anti-American. And he does have the “right” to fly that banner. By law. You’re free to hate him for it. So put up your own anti-Muslim banner. But if your sentiments were actions you would , and should spend your life behind bars.

    • Howdy

      You sir, are a traitor to what it means to be an American. You deserve nothing more than a bullet to the frontal lobe.
      Today, you support the murder of a man who has committed no crime.
      What will you support tomorrow? Death to all who aren’t blonde-haired and blue-eyed?

  • Namey Name

    “Islam is all about unity and peace’ …they say, as long as you are one of them. If you’re not….well then, not so much. Sorry, that’s not peace, that’s coercion

  • Steven

    This individual has the absolute right as a citizen, (if he is one) to raise this flag. I served my country to ensure that all Americans have freedom. Not just the ones that I agree with.
    That said: “Islam is all about unity and peace. ”
    I will believe this when politicians start telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  • woodNfish

    “Islam is all about unity and peace.” Yeah, right. Muslims should not be allowed into this country or any other for that matter. They are like a disease that needs to be quarantined.

  • Defiant

    If it were in MY neighborhood…it wouldn’t hang there for long. I’m all for personal rights, but there’s no way someone is flying the enemy flag on MY street.

    Imagine a house in 1943, proudly flying the NAZI flag? It wouldn’t happen. Someone who aligns himself with the enemies with whom we are at war should expect nothing less than having his house razed.

    • Rick Hilton

      Defiant, those were different times from now. That was then, and this is now. In some ways, it’s good that things are the way they were. Look what happened to the American Japanese whose property was taken away and they were put in camps for no other crime other than being of Japanese origin. Nearly all of these people were loyal Americans that didn’t deserve this treatment. Would you really like to return to those times? Unless there are active acts of terrorism and treats, it should be ignored. Display of a flag is a passive statement, and in itself, is probably harmless.

  • ounceoflogic

    What other religions have a flag?
    What other religions contain so many terrorist groups?
    What other religions remain silent when murder is committed in their name?
    Please limit responses to events in the past 200 years.

  • David

    So if someone displays a flag that says “There is only one God, Jehovah, and Jesus is his son and messenger.” Will they be asked to remove it because a Muslim disagrees with them. I think people need to re-read the Constitution and especially the first amendment.

  • JRjr

    The unnamed Jersey man has every right to fly the flag of his choice just as others should be able to fly the Confederate Battle Flag or other controversial banners. Why he would want to in light of all the atrocities committed by others flying that flag is beyond me. However, he should realize that there are those who may be angry enough to do some unlawful things against his property.

  • Terry Beckman

    Causes concern among the neighbors?????? i thought people in New Jersey were tough. Remove the flag, burn it in the street, put the schmuck on notice, the next flag he hangs up will be used as a rectal probe. Get it done NJ.

  • Rationalist

    “There is only one god, Allah, and the prophet Muhammad is his messenger.”…
    So says the peaceful religion who adherents will either blow you up or hang your head on a spike…

  • suzyq

    Whether he wants to fly it or not, flying the flag is picking a fight. Just like if I flew a confederate flag at my house here in Mississippi. I wouldn’t do it anyway, but if I did, I assure you, it would not be peaceful and my black neighbors may feel threatened. It would probably end up on Twitter too, and all hell would break loose.

  • grumpyoz

    “It’s not meant to be a symbol of hate. Islam is all about unity and peace.
    That is not totally correct. Unless one believes that unity means convert to Islam or lose one’s head.
    And peace will only be achieved under Islam if the world converts to Islam.

  • Bc

    When a person aligns himself with terrorists, he is saying that he endorses and condones those people and their behavior.
    He’s either an idiot who has no clue what’s going on, or (more likely) a guy who strongly supports ISIL. Either way, he needs to be watched closely.
    If I lived next to him, I’d be very concerned.

  • M. T.

    “For a man to fly a flag like that, authorities have to get involved in it,” Bergin said.

    No, actually, they don’t have to — and they better not “get involved”. First Amendment and all that…

    • al

      Muslims are the earth’s pestilence and should be treated and executed as such. They are like the Klan , but on a much larger scale.

  • Gene

    This guy says MUSLIMS are peaceful, but the KORAN is the book of ISLAM, and ISLAM is an AZTEC like cult of the PAGAN WORLD, riddled with cannibalism, rape of young men and women and babies, and mutilations of arms, legs, and heads cut off, this CULT is based on a pool of human gore and agony, Anyone who thinks ISLAM is a good culture should have an arm, leg or even their head cut off to show their love of ISLAM, This guy is a wannabe terrorist, he has a Muslim flag next to an AMERICAN flag, that is the sign he is not truly an AMERICAN, and I think he should move to IRAQ OR PAKISTAN OR EVEN GAZA and then he can fly his CULT LOVING FLAG, PERIOD!!!

  • matagordagreg

    Flags and symbols don`t offend me , words don`t offend me , it`s the people that try to tell me what to say or what flag to fly that are the most offensive and the most Unconstitutional !!!

  • Steve Lawrence (@moredairysir)

    Way to paint a target on your back, ya dingus. Pretty much the same as wearing a Klan costume in Ferguson, Missouri. So ISIS (which this flag represents) is all about brotherhood, peace and love? And you want to fly it again? Dingus.

  • Kess

    Sorry, people like this dont really belong in our Judeo/Christian free republic. put him on a plane, send him back home to the middle east where he can live in all the oppressive Muslim glory he can handle.

  • Hani

    So if a terrorist group would use an American flag to represent them selves that flag then represents terrorism? Then fine lets take down every American flag because that just may be what it represents.

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