GRAPHIC PHOTO: Knife falls from sky and into man’s head

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BEIJING, China (PIX11) — A Chinese man is recovering after a knife fell from a high-rise apartment building and into his head.

Xiao Yunzhi, 57, was walking in his town of Guangyan last Thursday when the five-inch knife impaled his head, The Telegraph reports.

Yunzhi said he felt a “very heavy weight” on his head but didn’t realize it was a knife until a mortified passerby told him. The knife fell from the eighth floor.

Yunzhi, who appears totally calm in photos, was taken to the hospital and the knife was removed a few hours later. Luckily, the knife did not pierce his skull.

He remains in intensive care.

Police told Yunzhi the wind had knocked the knife off the ledge. The owner of the knife has reportedly paid some of Yunzhi’s medical bills and has visited him in the hospital while he recovers.