Watch: ‘Lion King’ cast surprises straphangers with free subway show

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Think of it as The Lion King below Broadway.

Singers from the smash-hit musical stormed a subway car to perform one of the show’s signature songs for free to a throng of shocked straphangers.

Video of the impromptu June 28 performance was posted Tuesday by ensemble singer and Mufasa understudy Jamal Lee Harris, and it’s garnered more than 1.4 million views since.

During a break between shows, the cast of the show – which last year became Broadway’s first to top $1 billion – took over a subway to give riders a spectacular surprise.

Most were floored, their mouths agape as the first notes rang out and soon the entire car was harmonizing.

Other straphangers weren’t as impressed, as evidenced by one man looking sullen, his cheek rested on his fist and his eyes cast downwards as if a free Broadway show wasn’t happening right next to him.

It’s initially hard to tell who in the video are performers are who are joining in on the fun. The singers purposefully tried to blend in, with some wearing headphones and others reading books to disguise themselves as a rider who just happens to have an incredible voice.

Watch the chill-inducing performance, above.

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