Special counsel Robert Mueller ends Russia investigation; report delivered to attorney general

Mayor DeBlasio caught in the middle of the Eric Garner case

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(PIX11) -- As the Eric Garner case continues to unfold, the city seems to continue to get divided.

Each passing day since the death of Eric Garner, community activists have taken one side while the police union take another. Through the process, Mayor Bill DeBlasio seems to be stuck in the middle.

Here to share more incite on the case is City Hall Bureau Chief, Nick Powell,  from City and State.


  • brock

    I applaud Mayor De Blasio .He knows the cop was wrong and the way NYPD handled the whole situation from trying to cover up a murder caught on video where there are multiple police and ems workers the conspire to cover up the killing of eric garner and made themselves accessory to the homicide.Shit if I was the mayor I wouldn’t back they ass either.How do they expect the mayor to back them when its caught on video and the whole world is watching.they are putting that man career in the drain with their stupid,racist,and criminal power abusive behavior…We applaud the mayor for his stance.The union leaders are ridiculous and bold face liars…PLS FBI hurry up and take it over.justice for eric garner.

  • tm

    Black people are human beings and so are Police Officers. I wish black people would ask themselves: Could they live up to the standards they demand from Police people? It would really help if they would respect and obey police.

    Also, Reverend Al Sharpton could make a nice living teaching people how to lose weight and maintain the slimness. It is really needed, and he obviously knows how to do it.

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