What’s trending: Aug. 7, 2014

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UFO sighting: A dad was recording his son playing at a park in Germany when, all of a sudden, a mysterious triangle appears in the sky. Experts say it’s a hoax and there are two main giveaways: the UFO moves when the camera does, and the corner of the UFO overlaps in front of the playground structure when it should pass behind it.

Surfing pig: Kama the pig is a board pro. New video of him shows the pig riding the waves in Hawaii, where his owners first noticed that he liked swimming in their pool but then brought him to a beach and let him try out their surf board. He favors waves between 3 and 4 feet and is known locally as the mascot of Sandy Beach Park.

Monkey selfie controversy: Wikipedia claims a that monkey pressed a button and took an incredible selfie owns the photo — but the nature photographer who owns the camera disagrees.

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